Recession blues


By Muyiwa Olayinka

It is not longer news that we are in recession.

You don’t have to preach it

You can feel it both at home and abroad.

If you live in Nigeria just like me, you have to adjust.

If you live abroad, you must feel it too because we are in a globalised world.


You will have to increase your stipends or allowances to your dependants at home.

They must have complained to you that their take home allowance cannot take them home again.

Just checked on a wall of a friend, based in USA, he decided to key in to this recession blues.

He decided to shed some pounds of flesh and guess what? He’s happy for it

Why this sermon?

While we are adjusting to this painful pangs of recession, our leaders seem to be immuned from recession blues.

Political leaders still drive around in a convoy of cars and accompanying retinue of aides.

They lodge in hotels that charges N250k per night.

Our ministers and head of MDAs still collect out of station’s allowances that runs into millions of naira.

They fly first class to choicest destinations of the world.

With this government, we have read and was widely reported that the head of customs flew first class. Yet the story has not been disputed.

I complained of President Buhari’s daughters accompanying him to UNGA, but some of his supporters complained of being petty and belittling the family of the president.I bow.

We saw a picture of one of her daughters playing with her phone at the UNGA, you blame am? Ola baba lo nje (She’s enjoying her babas’s perks of office). Recession blues.

Private jets have become new toys for the high and mighties, it is recession blues.

Our presidential fleet is almost the biggest in the world, yet our colonial masters do not have a fleet. It is recession blues

Even some states that could not pay workers’ salaries maintain jets. Recession blues

What a shame?

But in this cacophony of malady, we still have a former state executive who maintains frugal style of leadership. A rich man, no doubt. An entrepreneur and one of the captains of industry.

He saved enough funds for his successor by cutting off wastes. His successor is not owing salaries of workers. The state is agricultural haven, exporting farm produce to Europe and Americas.

He’s meek, humble and spartan. His humility shows in his voice. His voice is like that of a woman. But underneath these qualities, he’s a man of steel

He had to fight his way to power in courts. It was a hell of a political battle. He ruled one of the most difficult states in Nigeria. A state that parades the brightest stars in south east, Anambra.

Peter Obi is the man I’m talking about.

He was a guest of honour at The Platform.

The Platform is a yearly program organised by the Senior Pastor Covenant Christian Centre, Poju  Oyemade. Many speakers were invited and among the speakers is Peter Obi.

His statement has generated a lot of buzz in the social media. It is apt, timely and relevant to our current situations.

I will urge you to click the link provided below and ponder over it

Ex-Gov Peter Obi’s speech at platform 2016

Also he has some quotes that are words on the marble

Click this link also

Quotes from Peter Obi

We need people like this to wake up this sleeping giant.

Good morning all.

Enjoy your holiday in Nigeria

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