USA presidential election and Nigerians

By Muyiwa Oayinka

The presidential election is less than 24 hours, there is a lot of frenzy and anxiety in the air.

I have seen and read a lot of permutations and predictions here and there. Pastor TB Joshua made his prediction that the female candidate will win.

Though am a Christian, I believe in visions but if you have been watching events these past few years especially on political turfs, one may say most predictions are products of the thought process of these men of God.

Apostle Suleiman predicted that Goodluck Jonathan will win the 2015 elections, we know better.

With the way things are going, it is becoming possible that Americans are going to produce the first female president in USA.

Her chances has been buoyed by the the report of the director of FBI, concluding that they have not found any criminal breach on the email scandal.

Donald Trump has shot himself on the foot by his unguarded utterances to the build up of his campaign process. It is obvious that Donald Trump is a political neophyte. He has not been groomed in the nuances of politicking.

But flipping to the other side, Donald Trump is a case of what you see is what you get, unlike Hillary Clinton that is being prep up by the western media.

It is obvious that CNN and the established interest has been packaging Clinton to be the beautiful bride.

Although, Hillary Clinton parades intimidating political credentials compared to her opponent, Donald Trump.

She was a former first lady, she stood by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

I think this singular act worked in her favour, she could have done otherwise, though, it would have put an end to her political ambition.

She contested against President Barrack Obama and lost in the primary.Though she lost but she ran a well oiled and colourful campaign.

The experience she gathered in her botched campaign against Obama helped in her comeback bid.

She was a former senator representing New York and also former US secretary of state.

Be that as it may, despite her achievements, the danger is the over packaging by the media blitz, deliberately covering up her weaknesses.

First there are some political critics’ that are uncomfortable towards the accelerated process in clearing her over the email scandal.

Her state of health and stonewalling reporters and journalists from investigating family scandals

She has strongly embraced gay marriage even though her previous support for traditional marriage was, according to Clinton, rooted in timeless religious principles.

She has joined the new gender politics, despite her own history of slut-shaming her husband’s mistresses.

My concern

In international politics, every steps taken in world’s politics are guided by entrenched interests.

Many Nigerians are so deeply engrossed in this election. What is our own interest?

Our case is like crying more than the bereaved.

I remember when Obama was contesting in 2008, major streets in Nigeria were adorned with Obama’s slogan “Change we can believe in, Yes we can”

There were many fund raising by organised private sector. The former DG of NSE, Dr Ndi Oyiuke Okereke raised funds for Obama and it was enmeshed in controversies.

Obama won but did Nigeria and Africa benefit from his presidency? We have started again over nothing.

I wrote about this last week, titled “Obama, USA, Africa and Nigeria”. You can click the link below:

Obama, USA, Africa and Nigeria

I believe if Clinton wins, it’s going to be a continuation of Obama’s foreign policy. Simply because she was his foreign secretary for almost 4 years. Her stewardship set countries like Iraq, Libya, Yemen on fire, the conflagration yet to abate. The American foreign policy recreated Al queda to ISIS

Thank God we are in recession, some smart Alec could have organised another round of fund raising in Nigeria

I have phobia for media packaging. I remember i warned my friends and associates about the over packaged product called Buhari in 2015 elections.

Change slogan filled and rented the air. We were fed of how our economy will boom by the miraculous game changer.

Candidate Buhari promised us heaven and earth. I can still remember promises like our naira will be N1 to a dollar. He will feed 25 millions Nigerian with free food.
He will generate millions of jobs in 1 year. But unfortunately, most promises are still at the incubator stage.

I will urge my fellow Nigerians to just show some passing interests in the coming election in USA because adopting Lagos street slang, who Hillary and Obama epps?

But alternatively, what if Donald Trump wins? Do I care just like the Chinese monkey predicted?

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