The ‘world’s oldest fiancee’ gets engaged at the age of 106 to her 66-year-old toyboy 



Valdemira Rodrigues de Oliveira, a Brazilian pensioner has defied doctors to become the oldest person to get engaged. She said yes to her 66-year-old toyboy, Aparecido Dias Jacob, at a ceremony despite being given advice by physicians not to go ahead with it.

The smitten seniors have separate rooms at Nossa Senhora Fatima retirement home in Pirassununga, Brazil, and were determined to prove it’s never too late to be with your soulmate after 3 years together.

Medics assessed their health and age and warned the duo would not be able to cope with living on their own. But the elderly sweethearts exchanged engagement rings in a betrothal service organised by volunteers under an initiative called the Project of Dreams.

Speaking about her love for her future husband, the centenarian said: ‘I fell in love with him. I like him a lot. If he dies, I die too.” It’s going to be the first time either of them would be married. Neither have children and most of Valda’s relatives have died while Jaco has lost touch with his family.

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