Cartoon picture of Donald Trump sparks controversy


Germany’s influential weekly news magazine Der Spiegel has come under fire for a cover image showing US President Donald Trump beheading the Statue of Liberty.

Some German newspapers criticised the cartoon, while the German vice-president of the European Parliament called it “tasteless”.

The cartoonist, Edel Rodriguez, said the image represented “the beheading of democracy”.

US-German relations have deteriorated under President Trump, who has criticised the policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He said last month that her policy of welcoming masses of migrants who arrived in Germany had been a “catastrophic mistake”. His trade adviser also recently attacked Germany for gaining unfair trade advantages from a “grossly undervalued” euro.

Mr Rodriguez, who arrived in the US as a political refugee from Cuba in 1980 told the Washington Post that he wanted to make a comparison between the Islamic State and Donald Trump, saying “both sides are extremists”.

Der Spiegel editor Klaus Brinkbaumer wrote in an editorial that Mr Trump was “attempting a coup from the top” and wanted to “establish an illiberal democracy”.



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