Shambolic Nigerian health system: Sad experience of two visiting Europeans



As shared by human rights lawyer Emeka Ugwuonye…..


My partners have been in the country ten days now. They both fell sick two days after they arrived. They arrived in Lagos while I was still in Abuja waiting for them to meet me there.

Last night they finally had the chance to tell me their experience when they stopped by for a happy hour. Ondrej, the one in a grey shirt, was hit the more. He suddenly fell sick when my PA, Tony Brown, was not there. They rushed him to the first hospital in Ikoyi at night. Five minutes after he got there, there was power outage and the generator could not start. They rushed him (or he rushed himself) to another hospital and there was problem again. Then they finally rushed him to the third hospital where all the doctors were Europeans. Then a different problem. They asked him to pay 1000 Euro before anyone could see him. He thought it was too much. He was going to refuse treatment. But then he realized it would cost more to ship his dead body back to Europe. So, he decided to save money by paying 1000 Euro just to register for treatment

Then I reminded them that our President is paying far more for his medical treatment in Europe. So, they shouldn’t complain.

I couldn’t stop laughing when they shared their experience. I began to think I could get my friends to invest in modern healthcare in Nigeria. Our healthcare is so hopeless that even our most patriotic citizen, the President, doesn’t trust Nigeria when it comes to healthcare’.

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