By Toyin Akiode


Mourinho will enjoy nothing more than stalling Chelsea’s match to the Premier League title. He has ample opportunities of doing just that as Blues come calling tomorrow at Old Trafford.

The Portuguese had two successful stints at Stamford Bridge that ended on bitter notes. The animosity became quite visible when Chelsea hosted the Red Devils in October 2016 in the first tranche of this season’s league encounters.

Manchester United were roundly beaten by Chelsea and Mourinho had the wrong end of love from the fans who adored him in the past. It was a game filled with temper and emotional outbursts.

Chelsea had gone on to cement their place at the top while Manchester United got stuck in sixth place for close to three months without losing any game!

There are very big characters in both teams.

At Manchester United, Zlatan Ibrahimovich is the indefatigable leader on the pitch. Backing him; Paul Pogba (I know some will sneer at this), Henrikh Mikhtaryan, Bally and team Captain, Michael Carrick are some of the finest players in the league.

Gary Cahill, Eden Hazard, Ngolo Kante, Victor Moses and Diego Costa are as consistent for Chelsea as the Northern Star!

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Mourinho’s Manchester United determined to cut Chelsea to size!

These guys know what the business is all about and in no need of extra motivation to give all for achievement of objectives. Tough as nail; they can decide any match on their days.

Mourinho and Conte

These guys are not unfamiliar with each other. The Italian has aced the two previous meetings in English football. He also handled, in an impeccable mannerMourinho’s mind games in the build up to the Emirates FA Cup quarter finals.

Manchester United played a decent game on Thursday in the Europa League against Anderlecht but drew due to one moment of lapse. Such will prove even more costly against a preying and relentless Chelsea.

Mourinho needs to win this match to prove a point. The pressure may play well into the hands of Conte who seems to grow more into the role of an accomplished Premier League manager with each Chelsea win.

Tottenham Hotspur are also giving Chelsea no respite. Any slip up, seven points lead could turn into four and nerves could become jagged. Conte and his team certainly are aware.

Over the years, Chelsea had become Manchester United bogey team. Even at the best times under Sir Alex Ferguson, Chelsea had almost always had the better of the Red Devils.

Head to Head.

Is it time for the tide to turn?

This is Chelsea’s last litmus test towards winning the EPL or losing it. They will rather get broken than be beaten on Sunday!

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