Sexercise: 5 Positions That Will Get You In Shape



If you find you don’t have time for a gym workout but always have time for sex, you can combine the two with sexercise using these 5 positions that will get you in shape. Although not every pose works every muscle in the body, each pose does work major muscle groups–whether you need a lower-body romp that works your legs and buttocks or an upper-body session for your shoulders and arms. Each pose is so much more fun than hitting the gym for the same ho-hum run on the treadmill and much more enticing than robotically pumping weights, you might give up going to the gym altogether.


Standing Standing up during sex is great for getting you into shape since it tests your ability to balance. Just standing during sex can do great things for your legs and butt—facing her you’ll be going through a series of squats, and from behind will find you focusing more on raising your calves. You can also keep your arms and shoulders in shape by having your lady wrap her legs around your waist so you can get a little upper body action when holding the weight of her entire body.


Doggy-Style Doggy-style counts as sexercise both standing or on the bed. Standing works the legs along with the core muscles needed for the thrusts. You’ll find that the motion of doggy-style can very similar to a yoga pose called the Cat-Cow pose, where you’re arching your back (and core muscles) tightly in and then stretching out upon your thrust. If your chick is balanced on all fours, her core muscles will also get some attention from the additional balance needed to maintain the position and if you are doing it on a bed, you can work your thighs from the kneeling and thrusting.


Bridge The bridge pose is another yoga pose that doubles as sexercise and definitely qualifies as a positions that will get you in shape during sex. Face your lady upward, with her legs bent and feet flat, letting her lift herself on her hands with her palms pointed outward. She’ll work her entire body, from her calves to her biceps, by simply holding the pose while you can work your upper thighs and core muscles during the thrusts. Win, win.


Arch The arch is similar to the bridge pose except your girl leans her shoulders on the bed with her arms down by her side. Very similar to the bridge, this position might be a slightly easier one to hold (for her), but you’ll still get a core and thigh workout.


Missionary As laidback as it seems, the missionary position can be a form of sexercise for both of you, as long as your partner doesn’t just lie there like a lump. Your partner can use this positon to get in shape by thrusting her abdominals up towards you, making for quite the core workout while you get a good shoulder and abdominal workout from supporting your upper body. You can even incorporate yet another yoga pose by moving your upper body down through plank and up into upward dog. You can both also clench your gluteus muscles to give your butt muscles a little lift.

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