Why Davido was almost beaten in London


There was a report by a guy who revealed that he and his crew almost beat up Davido, but the DMW Boss escaped through the back door..

But then, Davido’s crew members were not lucky enough, as they sustained a black eye.

Now Chris has revealed what led to the clash. He said;

Davido apparently ordered his boys to attack me. But he should have fed them before sending them to fight. Niggas were too high on weed to fight anyway. What happened was self defense.

U fight evil with bigger evil, u dont run from it. And for those of you sending me death threats am more than happy to meet u now lets get it on.

I wonder why people would want to waste their time on a fight know nothing about. #SayNoToBully #Defend yourself at all times. #theonlyWay to earn respect. #

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