Read this letter a mother wrote to broke ladies


Know this I did not suffer labour pains for 4 days to deliver my son so that he could alleviate you from poverty that is the role of your parents 

I did not carry my son for 9 months, struggle through his formative years

Struggle with his father to send him and his siblings to school so that you could demand he buys you expensive gifts. We did not Experience the anxieties of watching him head buried in his books studying for exams. Watched his father offer him words of encouragement as he lay awake wondering if he had been accepted into the University of his choice. His father and I sat there one of the proudest moments we experienced as parents watching him graduate.

Life was never meant to be easy getting a job was the biggest mountain he had to climb.

Do you know how many rejections from employers he received?

Do you know how it broke our hearts when we struggled to find words to keep his spirits up?
I remember the day I received that phone call he had finally made it he both his feet were now firmly on the ground. Then he met you a stunning goddess but to my dismay a woman who did not tire of talking about herself.

A woman who was empty inside a women who responded with ” If you say so” when we spoke about current affairs. I realise now in hindsight your area of expertise was IG , FB & celebrity gossip. 

A woman who laughed when I asked her what she hopped to do. You pointed at my son and said “he will take care of me now!”

Who will take care of you? My son ?

I don’t think so. You are not his responsibility. He is not in servitude to pander to your whims.
He was distressed when he came to visit us he told me you wanted better accommodation you were tired of sharing, and you also wanted a car. How could he afford all this when he had just stared working? 

You stopped talking to him it was heartbreaking to see his distress. 

My son is not the IMF that bails struggling entities like you out of complete financial meltdown. He is trying to make you happy but happiness to you equates to money.

Dear broke women my son is not your ATM. 
He owes you nothing, he is not obligated to do

Anything for you. He will do something because he wants to not because he has to or because you give him an ultimatum. 
Dear broke women he owes no loyalty to you because all you seek is an opportunity. He is your salvation out of a situation. You don’t love my son you love money.

Credit Nairaland

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