Conversation with my daughter


By Muyiwa Olayinka
I woke up this money going through my daily routine as a blogger and a business man, checking my mails and trying to attend to other personal matters. I heard my daughter saying good morning sir. I raised my head saw her kneeling down as she was taught by her mother. This is the cultural way of greeting elders as a female child in Yoruba land, South west Nigeria. I answered her affirmatively..

Then this conversation ensued between me and her:

She: Is Buhari back in the country? (General Buhari is the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria)

Lifting my eyes up from tons of documents and from my computer, surprised and bewildered, I answered her no

Me: Why are you asking if the President is back?

She: There was no electricity supply dad, I could not sleep well.

Me: Ooh sorry darling. The President is not back in the country but we are getting feelers from his associates that he will soon be back.

What has the return of Mr President got to do with electricity supply?

She: Haven’t you noticed when he (Buhari) is in the country, we don’t enjoy supply of electricity but immediately he’s out of the country, supply of electricity will improve. These past few days that he had been out of the country, we have been enjoying constant supply.

Me: But how did you know he was out of the country?

She: So daddy you don’t know at times, I stay with you to listen to news bulletin. Besides my teacher in my school used to discuss news among themselves.

Me: Becoming curious I said hmmmm hmmm, very interesting.

Her: (Continuing), Maybe they are preparing for him to come back, that is why they have started rationing it.

Becoming inquisitive and interested, I probed further.

Me: But how do you know all this, I have not noticed all these things you are telling me.. Are you sure girl?

Her: Yes dad. The last time he travelled to United Kingdom, we enjoyed electricity but when he came back, we started experiencing power cuts.

This got me thinking. She would not let go, I noticed she still have more to say.

Her: Daddy, my holiday is going to be boring if there is no electricity. I could not watch my cartoon networks through out last week, now this week it is almost the same. What are we going to do about this?

Me: Let us be hopeful and positive. It will improve.

Her: Won’t you make provisions for fueling of the generator?. When there is no electricity, my senior sister can put on the generator so that I can watch my cartoon networks.

Me: I will see what I can do about it.

Her: Daddy, you are not committing yourself. Is it a deal?

Me:( Trying to get her off my back, grudgingly) I said yes.

Her: Thank you daddy, you are the best daddy in the world. Let me go and see my mummy.

When she left I could not concentrate on what I was doing. I was distracted for some few minutes before I could get my acts together. Am I missing something?

Could this be true? Does Buhari’s presence contribute greatly to power cuts? Is there a fifth columnists sabotaging President Buhari’s efforts.

Or the body language of Mr President that did the magical turn around in the first three months of his inauguration has failed him. Maybe his subordinates feels Buhari’s government can bark but not bite, thus reversing the initial gains of his government?

Millions of questions was going through my mind. I just cannot wish away this girl’s innocent presentation. I’m pushing these thoughts to my readers too.

I’m sure this is what most Nigerian households are going through. In recent times, the supply has gone down drastically..

The honey moon is almost over.

It has always been this ugly cycle on yearly basis. During raining seasons, the hydro stations will improve its power generation as a result of increase of water at the dams. It augments and supports the thermal stations’ production capability.

But once the rainy season recedes, there will be a sharp drop in production of electricity at the dams, causing disruptions in power supply

Last week, the utility confirmed a power losses due to technical faults

So Nigerians, service your generators, refill your tanks with petrol and be a government as you used to do. You have to provide electricity to survive the harmattan and dry period that is fast approaching in a few month’s time.

My daughter’s assertion is yet to be verified, but the fact remains that the days of black outs are around the corner.

We cannot wish away the thought of my 9 year old daughter because she was a great supporter of President Buhari during the build up to the general election of 2015.

I doubt if she’s still rooting for Mr President again at least she’s bearing the brunt of power cuts.

Many Nigerians are in a dilemma just like her. Many have lost faith with this government. This government that came to power in 2015 with such a great goodwill from majority of Nigerians, but unfortunately they could not manage their success. Most promises made have not been fulfilled two years since it came on board.

One is hopeful that this government will get its act together to win back hearts of many Nigerians that supported it . It is never too late to turn the tide.


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