Five Keys To Learn From Your Mentor As A Young Enterpreneur


By Debbie Larry Izamoje

A lot of young entrepreneurs these days send cold emails, direct messages and private chats to people they want as their mentor. But, sadly only a few know what they want from these mentors or what they can even bring to the table as a mentee.
This well-thought article will give insight to 5 qualities or traits to either steal, imbibe, grab or whatever grammar you choose to use from your prospective mentor. You need to stop liking the way he/she dresses at this point and improve from liking his/her photos on social media.
Get in there, move closer and pick on these amazing traits/qualities to aid your career growth as an entrepreneur.

Visualisation skills

Disruption, as it’s widely used in different industries are the mindset of every entrepreneur. Their desire to push for a new product, new idea, or simply a different way of doing things springs from a deep well of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
These people are never content with the status-quo and are always trying out ways to push the beyond boundaries, and developing new ideas in the process. So, to have a successful entrepreneurial career, Your strong visualization skills must be top notch.

What drives an entrepreneur to venture into something new with no job security, no steady salary and no previous template to follow is the confidence they have in their vision which they want to push passionately. Self-confidence will steer them through their journey.
If they didn’t have a passion or confidence on their idea, their team wouldn’t follow through the vision with commitment and the investors would not be convinced to place their bets on them. Meanwhile, without your self-confidence, you might not be able to convince anyone or any potential investor to invest in your idea.

Successful entrepreneurs possess the quality of perseverance in loads. Navigating new paths in a startup are naturally fraught with challenges, rough tumbles and lot of failures. However, most of the success stories are marked by a strong determination to “try, and try again”.
Truly passionate and motivated entrepreneurs treat failures as stepping stones towards improvement and development. They take learning seriously to evolve newer and improved modules to achieve their vision. In other words, Perseverance is major.

Having a vision, self-confidence and passion does not mean that an entrepreneur has to be bound strictly within their confines. The entrepreneurial nature requires survival skills of adaptability and agility to find new and more successful ways of doing the business. This quality of adaptability to constantly change, and improve keeps the work of being an entrepreneur relevant.
Network building

Successful entrepreneurs possess the leadership quality of a high emotional quotient. This not only stokes their passion but intuitively helps them to understand what their customers want, how to rally people around their objectives, mentor team members for growth, build long-lasting networks for future expansion.
Right from the start, when their idea is taking off, successful entrepreneurs start making connections which could add value to their endeavors. They constantly seek advice from their mentors, closely guide people within the company, create links within the industry and stay attuned to their client base.

Debbie Larry-Izamoje AKA The Entrepreneur’s Best-Friend holds a BSc in Information management from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, and MSc in management from University College London (UCL). She has also secured certificates in user innovation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Innovation and strategy from Harvard University.
She is on a mission to raise a generation of young established or soon to be established professionals who are more vocal about business difficulties while providing solutions through public speaking, training, workshops and coaching.


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