My New Butt Cost Me N1.5 million, Cossy Orjiakor


Nollywood’s queen of boobs, Cossy Ojiakor, recently checked to an hospital on Lagos island to have butt enlargement. She made a video of it and how the cosmetic doctors were prepping her for the operation.

In a private chat, she said that having a new big bum to replace her relatively small one is a done deal and that, it actually set her back some millions of naira.

When asked if she had actually done the butt job she said she would do, the actress replied in the affirmative.
“That’s old news. I have big butt now,” she replied briefly with a chuckle of mischief in her voice.

“So, you expect me to give out my new massive butt pictures just like that? After spending N1.5 million? Please chill. I ‘m not giving it out yet. You will see it from my new musical video,”
Cossy caught everyone by surprise when she announced she was going under the knives to make her bum as massive as her legendary humongous boobs.  She has made money by flaunting her big boobs rather than exhibiting any rare talent.

She may as well make millions by flaunting her big behind by the time she revealed it to the public. So fellas, when next you see her with a new look, it’s the N1.5 million that did the magic.

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