The Queen Of England And The New Ambassador In Aso Ebi (pics)

Aso Ebi is commonly used in Nigeria when there are social occasions/ functions . Aso Ebi is made popular by the Yoruba in the south west of Nigeria. It is common to see members both nuclear and extended, close associates, friends and relatives wearing the same clothes for social engagements like weddings, birthdays, burials and so on.

Other tribes in Nigeria have caught the bug too.

It is rather curious that this fad was transported to Buckingham palace, the home of Queen of England. It is conventional, in diplomatic circles, when a new Ambassador or High Commissioner is posted, the head of government of the nation will host him/her and received the letter of credence.

The 91-year-old monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, went through her regular routine of granting audiences to heads of diplomatic missions newly posted to London. She wore an elegant purple and cream patterned dress

The Nigeria’s new high commissioner, George Adesola Oguntade, a retired Supreme Court  judge, and his wife Modupe Oguntade, arrived in the ornate 1844 Room at the palace, they wore purpled flowing traditional dress.

The 77-year-old ambassador’s purple flowing robe with cream stripe and his wife’s traditional Nigerian blouse, skirt and head scarf depicts Aso Ebi.

Was it planned or a coincidence?

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