Hilarious Pictures Depicting Activities Of Governor Okorocha

Governor Rochas Okorocha is the governor of Imo state, south east Nigeria.

He’s popularly called ‘The moulder’, he’s fond of mounding statues of great African leaders.

We use these hilarious pictures to depict his activities in his state, such as:

A banner of him shaking former President Barrack Obama

If you visit the state capital, Owerri, you will meet statues of President Sirleaf Ellen Johnson, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa to mention a few.

He recently named his blood sister the commissioner of Hapinesss.

He marked his birthday recently

Other hilariuos pictures




Credit These pictures were taken from Nairaland

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One thought on “Hilarious Pictures Depicting Activities Of Governor Okorocha

  • December 17, 2017 at 5:37 am

    Okorocha is a man after his peoples heart, just laughing.


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