Federalism: Freedom Or Good Governance?

By Muyiwa Olayinka

The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Apo , Abuja , has ordered that 86 luxury vehicles , together with four houses and a quarry plant in Abuja , belonging to a civil servant, Mr. Ibrahim Tumsah, be temporarily forfeited to the Federal Government.
The luxury vehicles were allegedly seized from Tumsah , a director in the federal Civil Service.
Tumsah is said to be the Director of Finance and Account in the Federal Ministry of Power , Works and Housing.
All the 86 vehicles , 23 of which were said to be armored, linked to him, were described by detectives as brand new. The court’s forfeiture orders also affected four houses , two of which are located in Wuse II ; one in Wuse Zone 7, and the other in Jabi, all in Abuja. Also to be forfeited to government by the court’s orders, is a quarry in Kuje , Abuja, which was said to have been seized from Tumsah .
Eight containers , with household items, also seized from Tumsah , are affected by the court order .

This is not the first time we are being treated to this insidious stories. Everywhere, you turn, there are different and categories of sleaze cases staring you on the face. I paused to think.
Do you know how many top government functionaries that are worse than this man? This is just a tip of the iceberg!

It is good to expose and fight corruption but we are just scratching the surface with all these arrests and prosecutions. I have repeatedly argued that corruption is a symptom of a dysfunctional system.
What kind of system will allow such an individual to amass such a great I’ll gotten wealth at the expense of the masses?
We are not getting it right in Nigeria. We want a benefactor in the form of a Federal government to hold our humongous resources in trust for us, and appropriate the resources to us in a fairly manner.
How is this possible? We are building our nation round individuals. We expect these individuals to be super human beings that will not be influenced by the allure of office. We expect them not to be tempted.
It will not work. It behoves on us us to find a way to build institutions and structures that will work seamlessly without creating a super human.
With the existing structure, the behemoth called government dispenses these resources as it wishes or pleases. It will favor its co travelers and cohorts.
This is why northerners that are miles away from the Niger Delta control the resources more than the real owners of black gold (oil)
The main reason why the likes of General T Y Danjuma from Taraba, Alhaji Mai Deribe from Maiduguri, Colonel Bello from Niger state, Michael Adenuga from Ogun state own lucrative oil blocks and became overnight billionaires.
These people are so close to the corridors of power, they are privileged to appropriate our common patrimony to themselves. This unlucky Director has just taken his own small share just like any privileged Nigerians.
So why haunting and embarrassing him because he’s a lesser mortal compare to the big fishes like those mentioned above, including Olusegun Obasanjo.
Nigerians, we are missing it by demanding for good governance. We are tempting ourselves by having some much more at the center that any body can play with. We adopted a top down approach, but unfortunately nothing is trickling down below. This unitary system designed by the military has adversely affected us, allowing few to control riches of the majority.
Good governance can never be a reality. It is an utopian height that cannot be achieved. The big fishes will always have their ways.
What we need is freedom, a bottom up approach, where the resources are with the real owners. This is the freedom an average Nigerian desires.
Freedom from all these sharks that are milking us and continuously swimming in our political lives.
Federalism guarantees this freedom.
Federalism will ensure resources are given back to the owners, I.e to the people.
Once federalism is embraced, you don’t need a benefactor.
You don’t need good governance.

Picture these two scenarios :
Option A
N1 million is given to you and you are given the liberty to spend it the way you like.
Option B
N1 million is given to a guardian and he will expend it on your behalf.
Between the two options, which one do you prefer?
This is what Nigerian Federal government is doing to us.
This is what is breeding corruption.
This is why I personally do not believe in this fight against corruption.
It is a farce, a ruse, and a facade to cover the real problem. This is why the likes of Obasanjo will continually kick against it, because this system favours him and his ilks.
It will not achieve any meaningful results.
Abubakar Atiku is currently preaching restructuring. It is another gimmick and a political gerrymandering . Another political creation to deceive Nigerians just like Buhari deceived us in 2015, with the vaunted fight against corruption.

His government is already overwhelmed with the revelations from Maina saga and the NNPC N25 billion contract allegation.
It is another plot to waste our precious lives.
Let’s embrace federalism, it is a rigorous and a long journey to success.
There is no short cut to success.
Let us join the train, discuss, share ideas to wrestle ourselves from these prebends.
Let the discussion continue to save this Nigeria tha is bleeding on daily basis, unable not take care of her children.

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