See Kidnapper Don Waney’s House Before & After Demolition (pics)

Don Waney was a notorious cultist and kidnapper.

The long oars of the law caught up and he was gunned down after a firefight with Nigerian police.

See the mansion he built from the proceeds of crime.


After demolition

Does crime pay?

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2 thoughts on “See Kidnapper Don Waney’s House Before & After Demolition (pics)

  • January 10, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    Don Waney was a creation of politicians who raised mere thugs into position of affluence and terror just to achieve electoral victory. The thugs who thereafter fell into irrelevance must find other means to enjoy inordinate affluence since d godfathers in power except occasion demands, would have no further use of the thugs. Such is the bane of Don Waney. All men of Power including Neysom Wike of Rivers State must search their conscience instead of playing the ostrich. It beats me hollow that security operatives who went after Don Wayney killed their target as if they had no option to catch him live than to summarily execute Don Wayne. The question who is afraid of Don Wayne? The dead don’t talk. It’s common sense that if Don Wayne lived to tell his own stories, can of worms would be opened. The Don couldn’t have had no reasons for those gruesome / heinous crimes he alleged to have committed. It’s disservice to the Society to gleefully announce that d murderer had been killed just to cheer the people. Don Wayne should have been brought to proper justice and to tell his own side of the story. The system that raised him in the first place is the greatest beneficiary of his death.

    • January 12, 2018 at 2:51 pm

      This is another dimension to the discourse, it’s a fact that politicians create monsters out of their followers and supporters. Why was he summarily executed?
      Can’t he be apprehended alive and be prosecuted. Many questions but no answers.
      According to James Hadley Chase, this is the way the cookies crumble


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