Woman Posing As Man Marries Two Other Women For Dowry (pic)

The Dowry system has led to many atrocities committed against women in India. This is an example of such cases. A woman posed as a woman for 4 yrs, was recently arrested for marrying two women and harassing them for dowry.


Sweety Sen, alias, Krishna Sen, the woman who posed as a man and duped two other women by marrying them and taking dowry from them had plans for marrying the third time.

Yes! Believe it or not.

Sen was planning to marry an already-married woman from Haridwar.  Regarding the latest developments, Sen has revealed that she was planning for another marriage. Adding the twist to the tale is that Sen was having an affair as well with a student from Dehradun.
The 26-year-old Sweety Sen, who hails from Dhampur in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnore district was arrested by the police for torturing and even beating her ‘first wife’ for dowry.

An FIR was filed against her Sen for dowry and domestic violence in the in the Kathgodam police station. The FIR was filed by the ‘first wife of Sen’ where she mentioned that Sen had duped Rs 8.5 lakh from her and her family. Sen said that the money was for a factory in Haridwar that she allegedly owned.
The police are now on a lookout for Sen’s mother and people who were a part of the wedding. As of now, the police is also looking into the wedding videos for more proof.

According to a report by The Indian Express, Nainital SSP Janmejay Khanduri said that Sweety created a fraudulent profile the name Krishna Sen in 2013. Later, she went on to see a woman from Kathgodam in Uttarakhand along with her family.

Sweety is said to have met a 22-year-old woman on Facebook. She somehow convinced the girl that she was a man. Nainital police said that two got married in 2014 and started living in Haldwani. Later, it was reported that Sweety beat her ‘wife’ for dowry.

Two years later, in 2016, Sen went on to marry again, this time a 20-year-old woman from Kaladhungi from Nainital. As per the police, Sen and her ‘second wife’ moved to Haridwar with her.

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