Arsenal 3-0 Watford: Numbers analaysis

200 – Petr Cech finally got his 200th Premier League clean sheet and he did it in dramatic fashion, saving his first ever penalty for Arsenal! Cech has 10 clean sheets this season for Arsenal, bringing his total to 38 in 99 appearances for Arsenal (Premier League only). Continuing the theme of “38s”, Cech has kept a clean sheet in 38% of his Arsenal matches. Cech made 333 League appearances for Chelsea and kept 162 clean sheets for them. Erm.. that’s a 49% clean sheets rate while at Chelsea. (Source: Premier League)

5 – Penalties Cech has faced in the Premier League this season. The stop against Troy Deeney was his first penalty save since October 21st 2014 and just his 17th career penalty save bringing his career totals to 17 saves and 58 penalties allowed. Arsenal are 2nd in the League in penalties allowed this season – tied with Burnley, Huddersfield, Watford, Liverpool, Everton, and Newcastle. The most conceded in the League is Wet Hams with 6.

I guess Arsenal’s record is better this season than last: last season Arsenal conceded 10 penalties – again second most in the League. The season prior, Arsenal conceded just 1 penalty. That was the year Cech won Golden Gloves. Tottenham have only conceded 5 penalties in the last three seasons combined. (Sources: Transfermarkt, Premier League, and Football Lineups)

27 – Arsenal committed yet another error leading to a shot (Holding) bringing our ignominious total to a League high 27 errors leading to a shot and 13 errors leading to a goal. Cech has the majority of those, 7 errors and 6 goals allowed off those errors (leads the League). Arsenal only had 19 errors last season with 4 leading to a goal. 25 and 5 the season before, 25 and 8 the season before that.. you have to go back to 2012/13 to find a season when Arsenal conceded more goals off errors than they have this season. That year they had 39 errors and conceded 14 goals. (Source: Opta via Squawka)

19 – Successful Tackles by Arsenal. Once again Mkhitaryan put his foot in on tackles making 3/5 tackles in the game. He led Arsenal in attempted tackles on the way to yet another Man of the Match performance – winning the ball three times on tackles, making 4 blocks (2 crosses, 2 passes, led the team), making 8 ball recoveries (led the team), producing 17/23 passes in the final third (2nd on the team), making 2 key passes (2nd on the team), making a through ball pass (for the assist), and scoring a goal. But the whole team seems energized and ready to get in the opposition faces. It’s too early to say that this is a tactical approach change by Arsenal but since the loss to Brighton – where Albion made 37 tackles to Arsenal’s 18 – Arsenal do seem to be more aggressive. Arsenal are never going to lead the league in tackles but it was great to see even Xhaka making 4/4 tackles and Mustafi making 4/4 tackles. (Source: StatsZone App)

6 – Headed clearances by Mustafi. I think there should be an offensive and defensive man of the match and if there were I would have to give the defensive man of the match to Mustafi. He led Arsenal in clearances (7), headed clearance (6), tackles (4/4), and defensive aerial duels (4/6) and had 2 interceptions and blocked a pass. (Source StatsZone App)

6 – Turnovers by Ainsley Maitland-Niles. I have never been shy about my appreciation for Ainsley Maitland-Niles but he had an awful game tonight. He led Arsenal with 6 turnovers, made 7 bad passes, 4 of them in his own half, and gave away the foul for the penalty with an awful tackle in the box. Cech saved the penalty but that only saved AMN from possibly being dropped out of this team forever. His touch is fantastic and his speed as well but he has a long way to go before he’s going to be able to make a first team spot at the Arsenal. Hopefully, he can bounce back immediately from this performance. Arsenal are going to need him in both the Europa League and in the Premier League. (Source: StatsZone app).

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