What True Federalism Means To Me

By Adamu Muhammad Dankore

True Federalism is about giving each Nigerian the power to be his or her own boss by vesting powers to him or her while at the same time denying government such powers except for police, courts and defense.

In Nigeria for example, if you find oil in your land it belongs to the government.

However, under True Federalism the oil belongs to the owner of the land while the government would be denied such right. The government must be denied such right explicitly while also affirming the right of the people to own natural resources in writing.

The content of the writing is known as a constitution. As you might have noticed, a constitution should be a book to prevent government of doing anything other than to provide police, courts and defense. This is because a government with more powers would do more harm to you than anything else.

A Government is like a fire, when properly caged like in stove, it would do good but once it is in the open, it would do lots of damage.

Unfortunately, the constitution of Nigeria confers the government the rights to more than just the police, courts and defense. It confers it with the ownership of natural resources, education, JAMB, NECO, land, central banking and many more. It also centralizes most of these powers, making the whole system even more inefficient and amplifies its negative effect.

That is what True Federalism means to me.

This philosophy is known as liberalism or freedom. Freedom means the absence of force.

It is the philosophy of love, prosperity and peace. In fact, the freer a country is, the more prosperous and peaceful it is. There’s no system that is perfect because humans are not perfect, but a system
designed based on freedom is better than any other system.

To start True Federalism in Nigeria, we would need to assign the Federal Government the powers of the Supreme Court and defense. Nigerians in their respective states would figure out how to provide
police and other lower courts, everything else belongs to each Nigerian. It is simple and straightforward philosophy, if you find gold in your land, it is yours not the government’s.

Education? It is yours to provide. Under True Federalism, you are the boss.

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