Leah Sheribu: The Dapchi Girl Who Refused To Denounce Her Christian Faith (pic)

By Muyiwa Olayinka

‘Pray for me and let the will of God be done in my life’, this was her farewell message to her fellow captured and released Dapchi girls.

These are the words Leah Sheribu sent to her mother

Nigerians were shocked that another sad episode of  kidnapping of school children could take place in the Yobe, north eastern part of Nigeria, by the deadliest Boko haram group.

Nigerians were yet to get over the Chibok saga that caught the attention of the whole world.

Chibok girls were abducted in Maiduguri, Borno state, a north eastern state.

Boko haram meaning ‘western culture is forbidden’ has been waging war in the north eastern part of Nigeria, but unfortunately both Muslims and Christians have been affected. More than two thousand lives have been lost and many displaced

Though some of the Chibok girls had released and reunited with their family,, some of them are still being held in custody.

Dapchi girls were released after 30 days in custody but the dare devil held back one girl, Leah Sheribu for one reason: She’s the only Christian among the lot.

Her crime: For being a Christian!

Boko haram was reported to have tendered apologies to the released school children because they are Muslims. This is the terse message released by Boko haram.

Leah can only be released if she changes her faith. But she said her Christian Faith is the only faith she knows.

What a cruel act?

When has one’s faith becomes a crime in a secular state of Nigeria.

Leah knowing the importance and the severity of denying once faith before her creator, would not budge. She held onto her faith.

She has been counted worthy as a worthy ambassador, warrior and defender of the gospel even at the point of death. Her father Nathan Sheribu is very proud of her daughter when he said “They gave her the option of converting in order to be released but she said she will never become a Muslim… I am very sad but I am jubilating too because my daughter did not denounce Christ,”

Who wouldn’t be proud as a father?

How many of us could hold onto our faith in hours tribulation.

How many of us will not deny Jesus like the biblical Peter?

In Nigeria Christians flock to church on Sundays for butter, bread and survival. This is a challenge to all of us by this young lady.

While the federal government will be making efforts to secure her release, we shall continue to pray for God’s will to be done in her life.

This is food for thought, fellow Christians!



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