Intimacy Gadget Stuck In Man’s Bumbum In Argentina (pics)

Man Cry For Help After intimacy gadget Stuck Up His Backside At A Filling Station

A Unclad man has been filmed walking across a petrol station forecourt to ask for help after he got a intimacy gadget stuck up his backside.

The unnamed man went towards an ambulance at the petrol station to seek help from the crew, UK Metro reports.

It’s not known how the intimacy gadget became lodged inside him but the paramedics were quick to offer help.

The incident was filmed in the Saavedra neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Other footage shows him pacing up and down in front of police officers, shouting and slapping his legs in apparent discomfort.

Reports suggest the man was taken away from the scene in the ambulance to have the alleged Love Machine inside his anus removed.

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