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I am Obinna Osuagwu, convener of the Federalist Movement of Nigeria. By Federalist I mean that I am a believer in “True” Federalism for Nigeria.
I wish to humbly espouse to you: Safe Actions for Federalism (SAFF). By this I mean those actions you could take as a believer in “True” Federalism to make it come to pass. We understand that political action for change in African countries is a risky venture, hence the idea of Safe Steps. By Safe Steps, we refer to those actions that a citizen could safely take within their fundamental rights—without being so loud, so popular or attracting public attention personally to making a mark politically in their day of existence as Nigerians. We all want to take positive actions for change, but clearly, safety is a concern.
Safe Steps to Federalism would involve the following steps
(I) (I) IDENTIFY: A design to make as many Federalists as possible to start meeting themselves to give their idea force by their numbers. There are many Federalists in this country, acting without an umbrella, debating on face book, in beer parlors, etc., Safe Actions for Federalism (SAFF) shall be avenue for them to mobilize them to come together.

(II) (M) MEET: Federalists shall form a peaceful, orderly and very civilized society of gentlemen and ladies who meet monthly—for no other reason, but to learn from each other, study materials, study their country, get versed and more convinced, fortifying themselves for advocacy. Meetings shall also be avenue for Federalists to prepare for tract-sharing, preparations for seminars, meetings with the government etc.

(III) (S) SHARE: Members shall share their acquired knowledge acquired with the public. First each member shall make their face book and other social media outlets avenues for disseminating Federalist ideas. Members shall learn to steer all inadequacies of our governance to the need for Federalism so to emphasize its necessity in each of these issues that face us. Members shall make personal videos, audios and disseminate same.

(E) ENGAGE: Federalists shall work our avenues for reaching out to the public with its messages, engage governments by letter writings and physical meetings.

These actions are very important. They may not be promising of instant results, but as the name of the initiative implies, citizens shall rather than stay frustrated have a chance to take Safe Actions for their strong beliefs while they yet live. One strength of the strategy is that it shall consistently keep Federalist together for all times by holding a monthly study meetings; it shall be consistent in its unique train of thoughts that connects all the dots of Nigeria’s problem to its political. structure.
We are convinced that other than our section to section disagreements over how to refederalize the polity, we have worse reasons why Nigerians have not managed to drive the process of refederalizing Nigeria:
(I) We run a dangerously corrupting polity where States and LGAs and establishments of governments appear to be a mere means of disbursing Federal oil revenues unaccountably to ethnic peoples. Our people are therefore more persuaded by the vain and inadequate benefits of this system and are distracted by its corruptive tendencies.

(II) A dearth of the ideological content to consistently pull through the matter of Federalism without falling to the snare of unitary governance methods thus corroborating the current order. For instance, how could a Federalist be supportive maintenance of the petroleum subsidy, how could a Federalist yet hold views that yet suggest governance of central intervention, how could a federalist want basic education run the central government, how could a federalist seek that the LGAs derive autonomy from the constitution of the Federation, how could a Federalist, given the peculiarities of Nigeria and the stories of the government corporations that existed between 1970 and 1999 yet be calling for a return to government ownership of enterprises? Did you know states ought to have constitution? Did you know the initiative of State People’s Constitutions could rule out the case of local abuse of powers that may be devolved on the state and serve to ensure that LGAs have powers derived right from through state laws? Safe Steps for Federalism (SAFF) therefore has a lot of work to do with straighten out its members thought process and make them consistently articulate the many issues in Federalism and then seek to convince the citizenry and governments with these ideas.

(III) An unwillingness or lethargy of the average Nigerian to make the case for Federalism with many matters on ground in the polity. Ahead of 2019, the citizens are yet not making these elections about Federalism. Ben Murray Bruce once spoke in the Senate for nearly 10 minutes indignantly over the killings going on in the north by Fulani herdsmen, but never mentioned the need for State policing.

If you are a Federalist and you read this and found it plausible please State contact us by these means:Twitter @blessednoec
Group:FMN Anambra chapter.
Contact: 07019465336(Text only)

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