Buhari & Tinubu Playing Mind Game With Yoruba (pics)


By Muyiwa Olayinka

I remember what I said about the Greek gift Buhari gave Yoruba, about the investiture of MKO Abiola as the GCFR and recognition of June 12 as democracy day.. Though it’s desirable but the timing is suspect, also the manner of how it was given questions the sincerity of this government. I have listened to all the speeches of President Buhari made since he was sworn in , never did he mention a word about June 12.
He had not shown sympathy for Abiola or June 12, and neither has he shown  democratic tenets since he became Nigerian President. He has refused to abide by all court judgements, he chooses the one to respect . For example, the court have granted bail to the former National Security Adviser NSA, Colonel Sambo Dasuki but he’s still being kept in custody.
He spoke to the nation on democracy day ( May 29th), he went through the normal rituals of reeling out his achievements but not a word on June 12.
I once said that the national leader of his party, Bola Ahmed Tinubu gave his word to do the needful and unthinkable to return him to office. In all these political shenanigans, I see the hands of Jagaban. He as a master planner must have broached this idea to him. This has been confirmed when the family of MKO visited Tinubu in his bourdillon home over the weekend.
See the pictures below:

I knew the Hawks in Buhari’s government could not have permitted the honor given to Abiola and recognition of June 12.They have consistently resisted it in the past, so why the sudden change of heart?
The sons of Futa Jalon believed they own Nigeria and everything thereof and are not willing to share power with any ethnic group. They see other ethnic groups as a tool to perpetuate themselves in power and to win elections.
But for political expediency, they have to bend backwards and be humbled by political circumstances and realities. The circumstance is such that they are loosing the south west base that gave their principal victory in 2015
This is the beginning of the mind game of President Buhari and Tinubu to ensure his return to Aso Rock in 2019. I was not surprised, when out of the blues, the current IGP called for the re investigation of the murder of Chief Bola Ige. Chief Bola Ige who was the attorney general of the federation that was assassinated in his home by yet to be identified gunmen.
The case had witnessed twists and turns, principal witnesses capitulated and recanted their testimonies. The wife of Bola Ige, Atinuke was shocked and pained about this turn of event. Unfortunately she died as a result of heart ache and could not believe that a country her husband served meritoriously could be stabbed in the back, even in death.
The case had gone cold since the last trial. Many governments have come and gone but the case had not seen the light of day. There was no sincerity to pursue the case to its logical conclusion. We would later find out that Buhari’s adventure is another effort in futility. We know this is another gimmick from Buhari government to buy time the needed time and to curry favor and for political advantage.
Buhari knew he had lost goodwill from the broad spectrum of Yoruba, so he has to dangled another carrot to appease Yoruba.
This government is using the names of dead men to cavort Yoruba for his reelection. Just like the chairman of the editorial board of Vanguard said ‘Are we (Yoruba) ‘sophisticated morons’? I won’t be surprised if he could suddenly decide to honor the former Biafra warlord Late Odimegwu Ojukwu with a GCFR, in order to seek support from Igbo in southeast.
In politics, ends justify the means It remains to be seen if Yoruba will fall for this cheeky political subterfuge from Buhari
Time will tell.

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