See How Ford’s Self Driving Vans Are Delivering Food In Miami (pics)


In Miami US, customers can now place their order with any of 70 participating businesses including restaurants and shopping malls.

On a normal day, a delivery worker rings your doorbell and the goods you’ve ordered are handed over to you.

But how will a self-driving van without an human intervention deliver a good?

To deliver it to customers, an access code is entered by the Postmate’s employee and the ordered items are placed inside a locker at the back or beside the van.

When the self-driving van arrives at the destination ,the customer gets a text message to alert him/her.

To retrieve the goods,the secret code will then be imputed to open the locker.

Ford says “Ultimately, we are testing how businesses and consumers interact with a self-driving vehicle” and that they will deploy a fully self-driving delivery service by 2021.

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