Nigerians Be Aware & Vigilant Of ‘Killing Machines’ Of Fulani Herdsmen

By Muyiwa Olayinka

Evil prevail when good men do nothing……….. Edmund Burke

These are indeed testy, dangerous and perilous times in our dear country, Nigeria. Every Nigerian should be worried about the continuous, consistent and dastard killings going on in some parts of Nigeria. It has a veiled and deceitful garb of Fulani herdsmen-Farmer crisis.
The killings have gone beyond the minuscule scope but has taken a systematic, organized and choreographed proportions .These army of occupation or/ and marauders stalk to attack in middle of the night are well equipped with sophisticated guns and artilleries. Men, children, infants, women and pregnant wives have not been spared in these murderous campaigns. What a bestiality!

This is a genocide and an ethnic cleansing!

Amnesty international in its damning report says 1813 have been killed since the beginning of this year alone. Conversely, Nigeria is in a state of war nay internal one if we can lose this gargantuan number of people within a short period of time. States like Benue, Taraba, Plateau, Adamawa, Nasarawa are worse hit.
These killings have not abated but daily increasing in astronomical and geometrical progressions The federal government is incapable of stemming the tide. The body language of this government supports these ethnic cleansing.


President Buhari is a Fulani man from Katsina, the northern part of Nigeria. Preliminary security report stated the pastoralists hired mercenaries from the neighboring West African countries, cross our borders, unleash terror in the cover of darkness and quietly sneak back to where they came from. Nigeria shares borders with neighboring west African countries without inhibitions
Since the beginning of this year, not a singular Fulani herdsman has been apprehended, arraigned and successfully prosecuted. Are they ghosts?

Meanwhile a non Fulani man was speedily convicted in Zamfara state for killing a Fulani herdsman .
Chief Femi Fani Kayode, a former federal minister of Aviation, had in the past consistently warned about clandestine agenda of some mischievous individuals within this government, planning to promote and impose Islamic agenda using Fulani ethnic group as the fulcrum and the arrow head.

It is no longer a warning but a reality.

The Fulani herdsmen crisis steadily originated from the north, increased its criminal intentions further down the middle belts thus surreptitiously migrating to the south west.
For example, Pa Olu Falae, an elder statesman man was kidnapped in his farm, after his farmlands and crops were destroyed by the Fulani herdsmen. It was the public and national outcry that made the man to be released. The arrested culprits have not been successfully prosecuted
It took the vigilance of the governor of Ekiti state Fayose to stop the planned incursion and the planned encroachment into south west.
Fayose enacted a draconian anti grazing bill to stop the impending doom. They were chased back temporarily, waiting for another golden opportunity.

Other zones or region of the country that are not affected currently may sit in their comfort zone thinking they are immune but history have proven that a wicked plan will soon be hatched in the nearest future if it is not nip in the bud. Just like the famed Fulani’s Uthman Dan Fodio Jihad movement, it is only a matter of time this incubus will mutate.
An organized and orchestrated movement, since the beginning of this government going by Nigeria’s security chiefs. Buhari’s security service chiefs are from his region. Seven of the top 10 members of the council at least are from his region. Is this a coincidence?
His failure to summon them to take decisive action on the herdsmen’s atrocious acts raise suspicion. Buhari is foot dragging because he himself is not only a cattle rearer but the grand patron of the MACBAN.
For crying out loud, Buhari is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Instead of him to roll out matching orders to his military commanders to fish out the criminals, our dear President turned as a preacher and blamed political opponents. He was preaching to the victims of Benue massacre to be ‘accommodating’ after they have lost their loved ones (73 in numbers). It took him 10 weeks after the horrendous massacre.

Professor Wole Soyinka accused the defense minister, Brigadier General Mansur. Dan Ali (rtd) as the chief provocateur and the arrow head of this sinister agenda.
Many other prominent Nigerians like Chief Obasanjo, General T Y Danjuma have sounded note of warning.. Danjuma out of frustration called on Nigerians to defend themselves with what they have, as government has failed to protect its citizens. This is coming from a tested retired general that has seen many battles in his lifetime.
The government has deliberately allowed the nation to degenerate to a state of anarchy.
One is curious and at a loss of this government that quickly deployed soldiers to restive Gbaramatu kingdom in Delta state have suddenly gone cold. The kingdom was sacked and the ancestral shrine desecrated while some of the inhabitants were arrested and others fled.
This same government proactively deployed soldiers to the south east states the home base of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). These are unarmed and defenseless people seeking for self determination. They were killed and some of their leaders were arrested.

Leading clergymen like Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie, Rev Father Mathew Kukah, Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Wale Adefarasin have shown their discomfiture
We must speak out, defend and stand against these devilish and evil intentions. They had to condemn these merciless killings because two of their colleagues were killed in Benue state. The two victims were Catholic priests murdered in cold blood. Unfortunately the current Vice President Osinbajo, a Pentecostal pastor had not taken a stand publicly.
Nigeria remains a secular state that is expected to accommodate all irrespective of tribes, tongues and religion.
We must be vigilant about what is going around us. Have you noticed cows roaming the highways, streets nooks and environs unaided?
Abuja the the capital territory was not spared either. These are ominous signs that something strange is about to happen.

The special adviser to the President Buhari, Femi Adesina, lend credence to this wicked plan on a national television station that farmers are better off giving their farm lands for ranching rather than dying. The cattle ranching being proposed by the federal government, is designed to hijack farmlands from land owners to build colonies. These colonies will be the proposed base to launch jihad for the acquisition and expansion of territories.These are army of occupation in disguise!
Our hands must be on the deck to protect our country from these agents of darkness that are planning to unleash conflagration and destruction of greater magnitude.
We must not fold our hands and allow insignificant bunch to turn our country to failed nations like Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria,Somalia and Central Africa Republic
We must be ready to defend our country with everything we have to resist these marauders that wants to forcefully, in a form of jihad, take over our country.
Their evil plans will fail if we are vigilant and defiant.

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