Is History Repeating Itself With Buhari & APC?

By Muyiwa Olayinka

Bihari with some APC governors

Some few years ago before the general election, the ruling party People Democratic Party (PDP) was living on false premise of being the biggest party in Africa, they were complacent. They thought they were invisible until when the gale of defections hit them. They were living in fool’s paradise.
They could not believe the loss in the general election. It was a massive defeat. President Good luck was deceived that he was the best thing to happen to Nigeria. He was glorified, deified, worshipped but duped by his party members. They collected money from him and used it for personal use.
The arrests of many PDP stalwarts by Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) by President Buhari later proved many of them used the funds for personal aggrandizement.
The loss hit Good luck like a thunderbolt. He came to terms with the reality and quickly handed over to Buhari.
President Buhari came with a lot of goodwill from many Nigerians. He too promised a lot in his imagination, probably enjoying his moment of popularity, a tall task to meet. Little did he know he was digging his political grave. Nigeria had been traumatized by bad governance so they hoped Buhari was going to be different. They were expecting miracles, unfortunately their hopes were dashed. They became used and dumped.

Buhari abandoned many of his associates that were in trenches with him while he was in opposition.
A good example is the new chairman of Reformed APC, Buba Galadima. He said he was jailed and
detained for believing in Buhari. None has disputed this statement.
Galadima complained about exclusion of him and others from a government he helped to form, Buhari did not bulge. His wife Aisha granted interview with BBC complaining of the same issue Buhari spurned his wife complaints. Buhari’s new found friends have swan songs for close associates that were complaining ‘corruption is fighting back’.
I think it’s too late to make amends. The bubble has bursts. His close associates have crossed to the other side searching for a new political order. People like El rufai, Governor of Kaduna that does not have political clout or advantage has become Buhari’s vuvuzela, he has insulted almost everybody including Atiku.

A dog that refuse to heed hunter’s warning is doomed for destruction. This is buhari’s undoing. He
surrounds himself with hero worshippers. APC had state congresses that produced many factions in 21 states. Even Lagos the home of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Jagaban) for the first time had two factions. Jagaban has lost his tight grip on his dear state. Despite all these cracks and acrimonious elections, they went ahead to have a national convention.
The last straw that broke the camel back is the APC convention that affirmed almost all the political
positions. Afterwards, it appeared there’s peace, not knowing it’s the peace of the grave yard. Tinubu insulted for,ready President Obasanjo calling him an analogue leader and a busybody.
Little did he know that there is a smouldering smoke coming under his robe. His party is in total disarray yet abusing outsiders. I’m sure Jagaban will be shocked by the turn of events.
The house is cracking and leaking. People are running away from the collapsing structure. APC is
fast collapsing! It’s only a matter of days

I warned Saraki’s saga will contribute to the death of APC if it’s not handled carefully. I was insulted.
Saraki has been cleared of false declaration of assets by the highest court of the land. He has been
bruised wounded but came out stronger. He will be ever ready to take his pound of flesh against the
party he helped to win election. He has nothing to lose. Reports suggest he will go after Buhari’s job. Why not?
He can dared anybody like a wounded lion The three senators from Kaduna are on their way
out. APC will soon lose the majority in the senate, so also in the lower house.
Trust Nigerian politicians they are willing to go with a winning party. Bad politics has taken the sail out of APC’s ship. It’s only a matter of time the ship will start sinking.

Will APC be able to redeem itself?

Forget the  the new Chairman of APC, loquacious Oshiomhole talking instead of
mending broken fences. Does he think this is labour union tea party? The likes of Amaechi, El Rufai, will be deceiving Buhari that all is well. Tinubu who garnered substantial votes for him in 2015 is loosing so fast in the south west are the ones that is urging buhari that all is well. As a smart politician, Tinubu may retrace his steps if reality beckons. He has done it before. He left his party’s candidate in the lurch and supported Good luck Jonathan. He can do it again.
These are people that have lost touch with reality. They are Buhari’s spin doctors
The same scenario that pushed Goodluck out of office is playing out.
Is history repeating itself again?

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