Slimboy O: Meet The “Osha Pra Pra Crooner”(pics)

Slimboy O

Slimboy O, born Ovuson Henry Ifeanyi, on April 8, grew up in Surulere, in Lagos state. At a young age he honed his talent as a writer. At the start of his career, he was writing poets, love messages and songs, but never considered turning on the microphone. And so he began, writing for friends, family members, and friends of friends. Until he recorded his own music.

Slimboy O
Slimboy O got in the studio by chance in 2013. His friend, who goes by the name “Chify Jay” was the first person to ever record his vocals for a song in New Haven, in his home studio in Enugu State.
“I loved his productions, and without voicing to the beats, I had the urge to be a musician. His beat was so banging, that I wanted to record on it,” he says
Slimboy O
His friend encouraged him, choosing to tell him that “with this your writing skill, you can just put something on the beat.” Slimboy O started recording as a singer, due to his early influences, where he followed records made by luminaries such as Junior and pretty, Fela, Mandators, Nelly and others.
Slimboy O’s new song titled “Osha Pra Pra” is a line in The Shaku Shaku Sound.
Slimboy O is known for his funny fuse in his lyrics… this is what makes his fans keep streaming and downloading his music.
Slimboy O
Slimboy O is dreaming big. He isn’t limiting his sound to just Nigeria or Africa. He believes that he can champion his genre, and export it across the oceans, down to American pop markets.
“You know what I see? I see Cardi B and Selena Gomez dancing to my songs, he says. “My vision is to take the song and sound to the world, make records, and have my name stamped on it.
“I’ll keep doing it until I knock the door of Selena Gomez, someday, or Cardi B dancing to a song that we have collaborated on.”
Slimboy O
I think this is just the starting point for Slimboy O.
I believe in coming months he will top charts and join the biggest out of Africa.
That will be all for now, as we await the Official video for his song “Osha Pra Pra” featuring Flex B.

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