How Bet9ja Virtual Ruined My Education, School Drop Out Laments

A Nigerian sports betting addict have taken to social media to vent his frustrations over many years of waste and pain Bet9ja Virtual brought to him including using his school fees, dropping out of school since 2014 and lying to his parents while still collecting money.

Read the full story as written by the victim:

Please try and read to the end. I am a young guy early twenties. I have been playing virtual since 2014. I was never this useless and unpurposeful. My life changed when i entered university. It all started in 2014 when i walked into a nairabet close to my school and saw people playing virtual. I decided to play, as i remember i won that period. I never knew the day i started was the day i gave the devil the key to my life. In 2014, i spent my school fees on virtual, lost everything. Sold my phones, my feeding money and everything. All went to virtual. So i was not able to continue my education, though i remained in school not letting my parents know till this year.

Dear reader, from 2014 to date have been the worst years of my life. I stole to play virtual, sold my properties, my clothes, shoes. I became an addict. Even not being a formal student, i still collected money from my parents, school fees and allowance. Everything ends up in virtual house. I could not even buy good clothes.

I started wearing my friends clothes. Hunger and pains never departed from me. But i kept on playing virtual wasting my life. I sold all my properties to the state where i had just one jeans and few old shirts. Even when i won big amounts, instead of using the money for myself. The next day i will go back to bet shop and loose everything again. All these while, i still go home to take food stuff and money even though i was not a registered student. I was scared to tell my parents of the happenings in my life. My life became useless. I started visiting brothels and going out with my friends to smoke. Dear reader, i have suffered in this life. Some of my friends abandoned me because of the way my life became. I became a laughing stock and deemed worthless. Still i kept on playing. Its like my brain was locked in a bottle. I stole, borrowed money all to gamble in virtual. I spent people’s money to gamble. I became a vagabond. All the money being sent to me in school, virtual took

The day my life become glaring was in 2017, my friend gave me 30000 to hold for him. He was going for a party. Deep in my mind, i was happy. Before he came back the next day, i rushed to bet shop to play virtual. Dear reader, i lost 20000 out of the money. I didnt sleep in the hostel for two days. I slept at the bus stop at my school maingate. I went back the next day with my remaining 10000 thinking of wining everything back and that was the end. All the money wiped away. Out of shame and embarrassment, i sneaked into the hostel at night few days later after being tired of running. I received the insult of my life that day, but still i never stopped, i continued playing and selling properties. The way i got the money to pay back, only God will forgive me of that. I had to do what i did because my friend threatened to call my parents. I could not stand that. I wish my parents were informed then maybe my life would have been much better now.

My friends, i became useless. No good clothes, no property, no certificate to hold in the end. While my mates left for class, i go to the virtual store to watch others play. From 2014 till now i stayed in school, 3 years of it was allocated to virtual gambling. 1 year was to hang around chasing girls. I became unpurposeful. I lied to everybody that i was in school while i was not. If i should continue writing, nairaland would not be enough to write what virtual has done to me. My life is useless now, my mates are graduating. All my friends have left the school. So last year, i could not hold on to the lies much longer because final year was fast approaching. What will i say then. So i took the courage and broke the sad news. I am from a very responsible home. I was accepted back in the family. My mother cried so much. She could not believe 4 years of my life wasted. My friend, i almost developed high blood pressure. I started masturbating to relieve my stress but never helped.

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