Linda Ikeji: Role Model Or A Hypocrite (pics)

By Muyiwa Olayinka

Linda Ikeji & parents

Linda Ikeji is a self made lady. A model cum blogger, she has treaded where many have tried and failed. She waded through all challenges of life and came out unscathed. She had written her name in gold, not only for her home country, Nigeria but also in Africa. She practically built her brand (her blog) from the scratch to become an international one.

She’s an entrepreneur par excellence. A role model to budding young Africans (both male and female) and a reference point of hard work, beauty, diligence, poise and grace. In the course of her work, she had made enemies for herself but yet undaunted.
In addition to this, she has challenged and encouraged young ladies to work hard, using their God given talents to achieve greater things in life. She despises ladies and women using their body to get to the top. Linda has been a promoter of celibacy. She frowns at young ladies using their bodies for pecuniary gains by sleeping with different kinds of men.

But Linda Ikeji seems to have deviated from her philosophy. Suddenly out of the blues, Ikeji broke the news that she’s pregnant and expecting a baby. It was a shock to many of her admirers, followers and fans. Questions were being asked. As a celebrity reporter and owner of a gossip news portal, many thought it was a gimmick to promote her blog. Is Linda playing a prank? Is she selling a dummy to promote her business?
The moment she released pictures of herself with protruding tummy of baby bump, it dawned that this is not a prank but reality. Kemi Olunloyo, a controversial blogger added to the confusion that it’s not a baby bump she’s wearing a moonbump.

Did Linda married secretly out of the prying eyes of the public? Unfortunately, our dear promoter of celibacy got pregnant out of wedlock. Linda is going to have a baby out of wedlock. The father of her unborn baby is unknown and everything about the identity of the man is shrouded in secrecy. Recently she said the father of her child (or baby daddy) is from Delta state.

Undaunted, she has been flaunting different pictures of herself on the social media, and trying in vain to convince her fans that she did not cheapen herself but pregnant for the man she loved. She insisted that having baby out of wedlock has not defeated her celibacy posture. What a defense!

Linda has disappointed many of those that look up to her as a role model. Her hypocritical lifestyle has confused many. She has invariably towed the footsteps of Western lifestyles of American top stars like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé. Soon to be put to bed, she has relocated to Atlanta, USA. Her private life has become an object of public discussion.
While no one can dictate to an adult like her of how to live her life but trying to defend an obvious of act of immorality puts a hole in her line of defense.

It is common with Nigerian entertainment industry for young and budding artists to have children out of wedlocks. They have embraced and imbibed the western culture that is alien to African culture. The likes of 9ice, Davido, Wizkid, Flavour, have brazenly been sowing their wild oats to susceptible and questionable young ladies, making baby mamas out of them. Morals have been thrown to the dogs. For example, two baby mamas of Wizkid have been embarrassing him publicly not taking care of his two sons they had for him.
This is really sad

It is obvious that family values have been seriously eroded by infiltration of western values and many parents of these young Nigerians have failed in their responsibilities. I often wonder how the parents of Linda will stomach this show of shame. Unfortunately her parents have been unable to call their daughter to order. She proudly displayed her baby bump with her parents beaming with smiles standing with her enjoying the accolades. They chose to look the other way.

As an Igbo lady from Imo state to be precise, it’s more of an abomination for a lady to be pregnant out of wedlock. If such a lady dies in the course of delivery, according to Igbo tradition, the man who puts her the family way will have to marry the corpse of the lady and pay heavy dowry to the family,as punishment for the sacrilege. Did it cross the mind of our westernized Linda Ikeji? I doubt it.

Succinctly put, Linda is not different from ordinary young teenagers that have children out of wedlock She’s just a lady that is rich and comfortable. What a farce!
Furthermore, the religious body has failed woefully in this drama. As a Christian, her church ought to have frowned at this public display of immorality. Have they done that? I doubt it.

This is a shame to what Linda Ikeji represents. The failure of our system largely contributed to the debasement of African and Nigerian cultural values. What we used to frown at in the past has become the norms. Our young children are imbibing strange negative lifestyles becoming gays, lesbians, Paedophile, bisexual and they are proudly flaunting it.
Charly Boy proudly defended a lesbian daughter of his and went ahead to believe that the institution of marriage will soon go into extinction. But Charly Boy is successfully married to his wife, Diane for many years.

It’s never too late for parents, religious bodies and other institutions that mould lives of youths to wake up from their responsibilities to salvage what is left of our cultural and religious values. This a task that must be done.

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