Ambode Debacle: Tinubu May Have To Cry!

By Ayeni Faith Damilola

Tinubu May Have to Cry!

Asiwaju is a wonder to behold. Tinubu is incredible too. He’s undisputably the main man in Nigerian politics today. He’s the most powerful whenever the President is not contesting. He was a senator when Nigeria’s eyes was closed. He was a Governor when the sun was just rising and, the father of Governors at dawn. Tinubu fought, alongside others, Abacha and won. As Governor, he survived Obasanjo’s greenades. Goodluck Jonathan understands that his name is not something of a joke. He did not only enthrone Buhari, but made his former aides vice-president and ministers in his government. Would you then argue that Asiwaju is not something else?

But, Tinubu may cry soon. Either Ambode loses today’s primary or not, Asiwaju has a whole lot to fear. When people call you master, don’t rejoice, tell them you are only a servant. Unfortunately, with the humiliation of Ambode, Asiwaju is openly calling himself the master of Lagos politics. He’s calling himself the driver of Lagos’ wheel in the public glare. He’s telling lagosians that they are but his balls. He’s telling the discerning that he owns Lagos and everything that breathes within its walls and, of course, all that is true; but it is better not said. Tinubu is openly counting his slaves, and our foregoers said wisely, that when you count your slaves, they become so sad. There will always be a counter coup. The people of Lagos will demand freedom soon, they will revolt and, history will repeat itself. The Jagaban of Lagos is planning his own fall and, I’m afraid.

The people will soon ask questions. They will ask Tinubu what the sins of Ambode are and, by the time such questions are being asked, not many answers will drink water. Thesame Ambode that was once acclaimed the best Governor in Nigeria? The same Ambode that has transformed lagos? Would lagosians have to replace him simply because he had refused to be totally submissive to the master? Would they reject him because of his personal issues with the Jagaban? Will any lagosian accuse Ambode of under-performance? Not even when it is public knowledge that this young man has pleaded with Asiwaju, not even when the people of Lagos know that his wife has appeased the god of Lagos politics.

Tinubu has enemies within the APC, not many Abuja politicians are pleased with him, or so it looks. It will not be a cup of tea to fight Ambode (maybe then as the opposition’s candidate ), the opposition, the people of Lagos and, his in-house enemies at the same time. Discretion is a better part of valor. This is only an agidigbo drum, only the wise dances to it and the knowledgeable understands its lyrics.

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