I Regret Enlarging My Boobs, Vera Sidika (raunchy pics)


Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika says she regrets ever going for boobs enlargement surgery, The video vixen while speaking with The Nairobian said she wished she could change the hands of time..

But i guess that can never happen again, read what he said:

“I have had boob surgery before, years ago in Beverly Hills, California. I paid a lot for the procedure.

Yes, it’s more expensive but worth it because you get qualified and certified surgeons with over 20 years’ experience,” she told The Nairobian.

“Still, I am not proud of that decision anymore. Today, I regret the boob job.

In fact, I even want to get rid of them, all of you ladies rushing to Miami for surgery should learn to love yourselves.
If you must, Miami is not the place. Hustle harder and go to Beverly Hills,” she added.

The surgery cost her both her her arm and a leg.

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