Suddenly President Buhari’s Government Is Generous Amidst ‘No Money In Treasury’ Narrative

By Muyiwa Olayinka

When President Buhari and his government came on board, they claimed there was no money to run the government. They told us the previous government had frittered away all the money in the treasury. They called them all manners of names, thieves, rogues, political buccaneers, opportunists, and a corrupt bunch, We believed them while some political pundits dug into the archives and reminded this government that, going by CBN’s record, its predecessor left a total sum of $29.5 billion dollars in the federation account.
They refused and held on to the narrative that there was no money in the Treasury.
Pronto, after three months in office, the Federal Government bailed many states of the federation that were having difficulties in meeting their statutory obligations. Yet the story of ‘no money’ persisted to suit their whims and caprices, and also to cajole the gullible.
The lies and propaganda continued hinting the electorates the government would have to start from the scratch to rebuild our country, hence the slogan ’16 years of the locust of PDP’ crept into our political lexicon. The excuse of $25 of price of crude per barrel led to the low revenue earnings, was sustained to bolster their faulty and jaundiced position.
Fortuitously, towards the end of last year and early this year, the price steadily increased and the federation account gained upper momentum, accruing more revenues. Curiously the narrative of no money persisted.
But recently, almost about 100 days to the general elections, the federal government has become a father Christmas.
Monies that was believed to be scarce, according to them, suddenly became surplus. They are now doling out monies in forms of Christmas gifts or should i say’ wooing and buying the electorates’. Ooh this is not vote buying because it’s an act of corruption, but am I correct to say it’s scientific rigging. A rational and inquisitive Nigerian should be able to deduce that this government was saving money for election purposes. Do you get my drift?
Trader moni were doled out to market women and traders in almost all the states of the federation. Some of the traders were shown on national television thanking the federal government and the Vice President Professor Osinbajo, the man in charge of the scheme. He could not hide his joy that the scheme is achieving its aim: to score cheap political points!
The Nigerian police had their salary adjusted out of the blues without agitating for it. We know the roles Nigerian police plays during elections, so we must keep the boys happy for the big task ahead.
The latest is the sudden reduction of fees in purchasing forms from examination bodies like WAEC, NECO and JAMB.  This is to pacify parents to support them in the upcoming general election.
Can’t you see this government is too good oooo.
Repeatedly our successive governments have been deceiving us. Buhari’s government that rode on the slogan of change is treading the familiar path of it’s predecessor that led to its inglorious exit. Former President Goodluck Jonathan in a panic mode of loosing 2015 general election was dishing out public money to curry people’s votes. He gave cross sections of Nigerians huge sums of money to some religious bodies, traditional institutions, pressure groups and others.
I missed out in 2015 but I hope this Greek gifts will go round and get to my turn to enjoy this Naira windfall. But we don”t know which form it’s going to take. Possibly it could change my mind or yours in voting for our ‘hardworking and benevolent’ leader of the century,
Are you waiting in line for your Christmas or voting gifts?

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