Watch & See Posh Praying Room For Muslims Onboard Saudi Arabia’s Saudia Airline (pics & video)


While airlines in most Islamic countries like Qatar Airways insists on sitting while praying – which is also accepted in Islam , Saudi’s Saudia Airlines replaced about 6 to 9 seats space on their aeroplanes with a mini mosque .And it is large enough for 10 Muslim travelers to offer their daily prayers while flying long distance flights around the world.

Watch the video below:

The mini prayer room, located at the very back of the plane,has a screen that assists in finding the right praying direction (Qibla) , wall railings that can be held during sudden turbulence and for praying mats, and also curtains to provide privacy.

The truth is that most Saudi Arabian Airlunes have this prayer room onboard.

Which means that they don’t mind loosing some seat capacities and money to gain more blessings while flying around the world.

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