Why Do Sugar Daddies Prefer Sugar Baby Relationship Types

Why do rich old men like to date young, energetic women? What attracted them? Read the dialogue below to find out. I believe that if you are a sugar baby looking for a a sugar relationship, this will help.

How did you start dating sugar baby? What makes you pay for a young female partner?

In fact, my first relationship with a sugar baby was an accident. I met a beautiful young lady in the street. She lost her money and was helpless. So I took a taxi to take her home. To my surprise, she agreed to date an old man like me! We dated for months. I supported her financially during our relationship. It’s funny. I don’t know what a sugar daddy is or a sugar doll is. Until I stumbled upon sugar daddy dating site.

Oh! pleasantly surprised So your date is not a sugar baby?

Yes. But this is very similar to the sugar daddy sugar baby arrangement. She is much younger than I.

You are attractive, younger than your age, and you have an attractive personality. So I don’t understand why you’re on the spot looking for a sugar doll? You’ll easily find an unpaid partner.

Oh, my baby, I’m so flattered. Yes, I could easily meet a lady, but I wouldn’t. You are too young to understand. Women my age need marriage and commitment. They are not my interests. I’m afraid of such things. I was married only once and then divorced. I have two children and I don’t want to be in a relationship. I prefer this sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. It’s free and I can arrange my schedule. You won’t be offended if I tell you I’m only free on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You don’t mind if I give you up to see the baby. This relationship is different from marriage or commitment.

Do you think it’s weird to spend money on a relationship?

Not at all. This may seem strange to you. The idea of giving money to others in exchange for their time seems strange to you. But it doesn’t suit me. You know, at my age, I’m surrounded by people who think strategically, and I find that boring. Our employees, business partners and children depend on us. Now you are young, carefree, energetic and beautiful. You raise me up. It will remind me of my youth. And my self. I like walking with sexy young ladies. I like to see that delicate face when I’m eating or walking on the beach. I was 50 years old and I began to realize that life is short and we only live once. So I want to spend part of my spare time enjoying the beauty of life.

Isn’t that the same with prostitution?

It’s definitely different. As you know, my baby. I don’t just pay for sex. If I were, of course I could go to a website that provides this service. In fact, many prostitutes use free porn pictures, sex videos and have contacted me many times. But I won’t change my mind. I decided to separate from my wife and find a prostitute. It was a terrible experience. I couldn’t do it. However, I always have a lonely time when dating with sugar dolls.

What happens if you fall in love?

(laughter) all old men like young, beautiful women. That’s what we built. Our animal instincts make us attracted to the best women in future generations. Generally speaking, the best age to have children is 24 to 29. That’s another reason we’re willing to pay.


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