How I Outsmarted Ubi Franklin Who Wanted To Fleece Me Of £20,000 (pic)


A British-Nigerian psychologist took to Instagram to also reveal how she outsmarted Ubi Franklin wanted money from her, just after Sandra Iheuwa opened her can of worms about the music executive. 

Recall we reported earlier that Sandra Iheuwa who called out Ubi Franklin disclosed that she met him in 2017 in London, without knowing he is a celebrity. She further revealed that the MMMG Boss came to her seeking help to push a new business idea, which was when she gave him the N8m. Sandra Iheuwa also revealed that she gave Ubi money for child support, however he turned around to tarnish her image since December 2018, paying bloggers to write fake stories about her to save his image. She further added that she wants her balance of N4m before Monday or she will be filing a lawsuit. 

Commenting on the report, the lady disclosed that music executive who invested in her holiday asked her for £20,000 when she got to Nigeria in 2018. The British-Nigerian psychologist who further narrated how she outsmarted Ubi Franklin who wanted money from her, wrote;

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