Shame!! Cosmetic Surgery Ain’t Enough As Tiny Waist Actress, Princess Shyngle Begs God For Husband (pics)


Curvy Actress With Tiny Waist, Princess Shyngle wore a wedding on her finger for the first time as she shows it off on social media. Remember she underwent cosmetic surgery to remove some of her intestines to have a tiny waist, but now she’s begging for a husband before she clocks 30.

She revealed that she can’t wait to be a Mrs someday and pleaded with God to bless her with a husband before she turn 30.

‘Damnnn a wedding ring looks so damn good on my finger I can’t wait to be a Mrs someday God please bless me with a husband before I turn 30 I pray bae sees this oh #setpic #melaninpoppin #blackisbeautiful #saynotobleaching#gambianprincess #princessshyngle photo credit and makeup by @maryjayblaq , snatched waist by @mapiatea’

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