Has Donald Trump & Vladmir Putin Bewitched Democratic Party Presidential Aspirants?

By Wunmi Akintide

It is a bad omen when 20 Presidential Hopefuls in the Democratic Party spend more time attacking themselves and Barack Obama and his VP than they spent on attacking Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and the KGB who put Trump in the White House and are Hell-bent on keeping him there to destabilize the West and to reverse the gains of America when she won the Cold War and and assured the fall of the old Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact as a big threat to NATO.

I strongly suspect that the Democrats have been hypnotized by the KGB to become so totally confused and disoriented to start attacking themselves and giving Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and the KGB more ammunition to defeat them in 2020 and to help turn America into a one Party Dictatorship like exists in Communist Russia, China and North Korea because that’s is where Donald Trump is taking America.

With some covert help from the KGB, you can be sure that Donald Trump and Moscow would simply declare the 2020 election totally rigged and Donald Trump may declare a State of Emergency to keep himself in office beyond 2020.

I see that as the greater threat that America faces today but I am yet to hear any of the 20 Democrats address that concern and to tell us what they all plan to do about it in their debates.

The other major threat is the claim by Donald Trump that he can do anything and get away with it because he is above the Law.

If he gets away from the 10 point indictment by Robert Mueller and he is not impeached by the Congress because of the fear that his Republican-controlled Senate would most likely discharge and acquit him, you can be sure that Donald Trump would come back to turn the table on the Democrats. The guy is that diabolical and dangerous!

He would say that if they were truly convinced that he was guilty of any crime why did they not have the courage of their conviction to impeach him?

He would then use that excuse as proof that the Democrats were simply conducting a witch-hunt and doing a fishing expedition just to blackmail him, and the majority in his Republican Base and some Independents in America and a minority among the Democrats might believe him.

Donald Trump is setting a trap for the Democrats. They should have the courage of their conviction to impeach him and to put the Republicans on the defensive to explain to the whole world why they refuse to convict and to remove Donald Trump from office despite of his violations of the Law.

That would become a serious Campaign issue that the Democrats can effectively use to defeat the Republican Party and Donald Trump in a landslide victory in 2020.

I do know for a fact that Donald Trump using KGB Propaganda would try to use the same scenario to blackmail and to demonize the Democrats but he would not succeed if the Democrats had done their home work to just not rely on the 10 indictments from Robert Mueller but on the Reports of the Intelligence Committee Investigation and the Report of the Committee led by Congressman Neal of Massachusetts after obtaining the tax returns of Donald Trump based on a Court Order even it the case has to go as far as Supreme Court.

There is no way in the World that Donald Trump would not be found guilty of Tax evasion and Tax fraud.

That is why he is using all his power to never release his tax returns and to obstruct Justice in so doing in plain sight.

Democrats should insist on going to the Supreme Court to test whether or not Donald Trump is truly above the Law. He would surely lose that fight because the Law is so clear on that.

If they do that and they impeach Trump and the Republicans refuse to convict him, the Republicans would pay the price in the 2020 election, if the Democrats play their card well.

The Democrats must do everything in their power to stop Vladimir Putin and the KGB from helping Donald Trump to rig the election in all of the 7 swing states of America that might again tilt the election in favor of Donald Trump even if he loses the popular vote again by 5 million votes next time around.

The Abracadabra of the Electoral College in America could undo the Democrats again if care is not taken.

I cannot help but wonder why all of the 20 Presidential Hopefuls in the Democratic Party have so far failed to address any of these concerns and one of them Kamala Harris is claiming she has the ability to successfully prosecute Trump and to beat him in his game without saying a word about all of the concerns I have underscored in this write-up.

Debate skill alone is not all that anyone needs to beat Trump at his game.

If Donald Trump were to be born in Africa, a lot of people would think he is a witch or a wizard. I call him a Hydrocephalus of a narcissist but a very dangerous one if you see what I see.

Democrats cannot afford to fool around with Donald Trump.

Yes, I agree that Donald Trump is an evil genius of a kind in some ways, but he has been able to survive thus far because the Democrats have not yet realized that they are not just fighting Donald Trump, they are fighting the Kremlin and the KGB and some elements of Mossad and Netanyahu and the filthy-rich Saudi Crown Prince who is going to Bank-roll Donald Trump in 2020.

Donald Trump would do anything and commit any crime to win and to stay in power based on all of his track record and the limitless power of his current office as President of the United States.

The Democrats would be naive not to appreciate the enormity and the seriousness of the inferno they are up against in trying to dislodge and defeat Donald Trump who combines as a survivor, all of the terrible instincts of Idi Amin, Richard Nixon, Adolf Hitler and Mussolini if you can believe it.

The sooner they realize that fact, the better for all of them running to replace Donald Trump in 2020. It is more than a Rocket Science if you ask me. It is going to be a Herculean task for all we know.

I rest my case.

Dr. Wumi Akintide.


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