Army vs Police: “This Is How If Feels When You Take Innocent Lives”, Nigerians Blast Police (see reactions)

Nigerians blasted Nigeria Police Force for calling out Nigeria Army over the notorious kidnapper Alhaji Hamisu Bala Wadume via social media.

Nigeria Police on Thursday, shared a post on their verified official social media page, asking Nigeria Army to give answers to Nigerians on questions asked about the notorious kidnapper Alhaji Hamisu Bala Wadume using hashtag, #ProvideAnswersNigerianArmy.

See post below.

Nigerians however used the same platform to blast the Police for taking to the medium to call out the Army. See reactions below.

@SusanHenshaw50 – 🇳🇬🇳🇬STOP this unprofessionalism, even if in respect for the men you lost. This matter must not and should not be resolved by tweets. Please STOP.

Prince Adewunmi – Do they have ID cards?I’m sure they were speaking queens english are you sure they don’t have dread locks on & tattoos all over their bodies?Our condolences we will investigate & make sure these officers are brought to justice but report to complaint unit to issue a tracking no.

Tokan – What a wonderful time to be alive. Now you know how painful it is when you kill unarmed IPOBs, Shiites and innocent protesters. It’s gradually, you will all drink that soured kunu called buhari. Take your fight to army barracks and stop disturbing twitter streets plsssss

Tayo Dips – To be honest you don’t need answers. Although I’m sorry about those officers cuz they’re innocent. Oh wait, same as the civilians y’all profile irrationally and killed.

@Drmuzoic – Una wan gather public sympathy on top matter wey don affect una but have refused to harken to public outcry on #EndPoliceBrutality. Now you know what it feels like to be on the other side. Hopefully after this, you guys will start treating Nigerians like human beings. Now y’all feel ignored. Injustice and karma stings so please don’t involve us. To Jesus be your glory.

@Burmese__Tyga – You see how it hurts when you lots shoot civilians like birds and you ignore questions directed at you? Are you scared the Army might normalize it? Well…that’s the same fear every civilian in Nigeria lives with today. All life matters or don’t. 🚶

@codshalom77 – The Nigerian masses would like to rally round you @PoliceNG but we’re fully aware that if we the masses come out to protest in support of this gruesome murder of your Policemen, You @PoliceNG will still come out to shoot WE the masses with live bullets and teargas!


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