BBNaija 2019: End Of The Road For Seyi Or Khafi, Ayo Onikoyi

By Ayo Onikoyi

Whether by bad luck or fate both Seyi and Khafi couldn’t have been drawn against worst possible opposition in Mike and Tacha. Going by the streak these two have displayed in the eviction game so far the duo of Khafi and Seyi have as much chance as the proverbial camel going through the eye of a needle

Clearly, Mike has been identified as the most popular male in the house, and only a challenge from Tacha or Mercy could possibly get him nervous.

Tacha, on paper and week in, week out has shown she’s that terrible boil that won’t just go away. She has been up for eviction more times than anyone in the House and she has not only survived, she had sublimely thrived. At any point she came up for eviction she had won the most votes.

It wasn’t a huge surprise when she got more nominations (4) than any other on Monday. Her attitude hasn’t helped much, little wonder most of the housemates wanted her out. But she won’t just go away because of her strong fans base. Almost every celebrity out there is rooting for her, not only by shouting but by expending their resources to keep her in.

So, it couldn’t have been worse for either Seyi or Khafi to be drawn against these two colossal forces in the house. There would have been a glimmer of hope for them had they been drawn against Frodd or Elozonam. The voting pattern had long shown that those two are running thin on their luck. But fate has been kind to them this week because they are not up for eviction.

Cindy is the surprise package that rode on sympathy to become a force of a sort. She doesn’t have a care in the world this week though, as she won the Head of the House to stay immune. Same goes for Omashola who replaced himself with Seyi having played his veto power card.

Between Khafi and Seyi, it is just too close to make any call. But should push come to shove and either of the two has to take a walk on Sunday, Khafi seems to have a foot of a chance over Seyi. Truth is, Seyi hasn’t been doing much of pushing around in the house. He’s the squeaky clean dude who has a family name to live up to but the Big Brother world is one of dramas and scandals. In this vein, Khafi stands an inch in line to survive.

The little troubles she’s had had strengthened her and bought her a lifetime that might just pull her out of this eviction mess, probably, this one last time unless fate throws Elozonam or Frodd her way as contenders.

Sunday is hours away. Big Brother is never asleep. The game goes on and we can only wait for who fame and fortune will visit and who the anguish of eviction will descend on.

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