3000 U.S. Soldiers Deployed To The Middle East After Soleimani’s Death (pics)

The United States has deployed nearly 3,000 more Army troops to the Middle East as reinforcements in the volatile aftermath of the killing of an Iranian general in a strike ordered by President Donald Trump.

The soldiers are in addition to about 700 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne who deployed to Kuwait earlier this week after the storming of the US Embassy compound in Baghdad by Iran-backed militia men and their supporters.

US Air Force personnel load 82nd Airborne Division equipment onto a C-17 Globemaster aircraft bound for the US Central Command area of operation.

An 82nd Airborne paratrooper bound for the US Central Command area of operations from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, checks his weapon

The first contingent of a paratroop infantry battalion from the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division bound for Kuwait receive a briefing as they prepare to leave Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

A paratrooper takes a moment to reflect before deploying as part of an immediate reaction force from Fort Bragg.

A paratrooper puts on her helmet shortly before boarding her C-17 transport aircraft leaving Fort Bragg, North Carolina



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