Yoruba’s Political Abracadabra Of Calling Black White Produces Disaster Buhari

By David Adenekan

Alas, the Yoruba people is one of the major civilized but primordial ethnic groups in Nigeria and probably the tribe with the single largest population in the country. The tribe is never a push over when it is down to the nitty gritty of who occupies the exalted office of the President in Aso rock.

You dare not joke with the political abracadabra and expediency of the Yoruba people if you as a presidential candidate want to succeed in winning the election.

The political hegemony of the Feudal Lord in the history of the country is not without a strong political alliance with notable Yoruba leaders. To demonstrate this historical facts are:

One, it took the alliance between Are ona kakanfo (a yoruba man who betrayed Alaafin of Oyo and his kingdom) and the Fulani tribe from Futa Jalon island in Guinea but settled in the northern part of Nigeria through conquest to decimate the influence and power of the old Oyo empire.

Two, in the First Republic, the political parties alliance between the Ahmodu Bello led political party; Northern People Congress in the north and Chief Ladoke Samuel Akintola led political party; NNDP in the south west further consolidated the northern political hegemony at the central level.

Three, the political intrigue in the Second Republic that led notable and powerful south west politicians like Adisa Akinloye, Chief MKO Abiola, Richard Akinjide and host of others to decamp from chief Obafemi Awolowo led political party; the Unity Party of Nigeria and joined hands with many northern elites to form National Party of Nigeria; NPN sway the political power at the central in favor of the northern region.The political sagacity and intellectual capacities of south west elites in the defunct NPN gave the party doubted victory at the poll and eventually final victory at the supreme court (the highly controversial one third of two third judcial interpretation by Richard Akinjide gave NPN the victory at the supreme court ruling).

Four, in the third republic, the strong political working alliance between Lamidi Adedibu (the maestro of Molete, Ibadan politics) and Sheu Yaradua (the founder and leader of PDM) changed the perceived tribal politics into what political pundits regarded as ‘unbelievable political scenario’. This strong political alliance pave way for double alliance victories. Sheu Yaradua with the helped of Lamidi Adedibu won the party primary in the south west against all other contestants from the Yoruba land.

As a pay back, Sheu Yaradua in the Jos convention asked Atiku his political son to step down for MKO to clinch the presidential ticket of the defunct Social Democratic Party.

In addition, the powess and influence of Lagos Ibadan axis media houses within the Yoruba geo political zone to sway pubic opinion cannot be over emphasized. These Lagos Ibadan media houses axis are today somehow under the influence of the invoked mystical and abracadabra powers of the likes of BAT in calling black color, a white color and not without a bait from the political pay master.

Suffice to say that the Yoruba people are probably the only special breed by God Almighty that has the mystical power to literally turn a black color into a white color.

This analogy fit into what is prevailing in our today’s politicking for the second term bid of President Mohammed Buhari. The packaging of a senile to run the affairs of our country for the second term by the mystical and abracadabra power of some of my kinsmen is beyond human imagination.

Today, as frail and weak as President Mohammed Buhari, the Yoruba mystical and abracadabra power sees it as strenght and power to fight against corruption.

Also, as dull and dementia (memory loss) as Mr. President; BAT and his followers in Yoruba land sees it as the only available brightest President in a perilous economy that can formulate economic policies that will jump start the economy and alleviate the suffering pains of the masses.

Alas, as inept and insensitive as Mr. President to the unabated rising surge of insurgent namely: Boko Haram genocidal tendency, Herdsmen violent security threat and the dangerous militant threat of the Niger Delta Boys to our monolithic economy; and this is coupled with sectional agitation for self determination that is now gathering momentum and drawing international attention.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his Yoruba men within the rank and file of this present administration sees it as a normal security threat and Buhari presidency is the only thing that can guarantee the so called “Yoruba next in line for president”.

This to me is a wishful thinking that is not mindful of divine and natural order of Almighty God. Yes, a political permutation that under one second can be taking over by unseen political event.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to convince many like me that this is nothing but a cover up attempt by Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his kitchen cabinet to consolidate their hold on the resources of Yoruba nation and clandestinely flag a Yoruba political agenda that the tribe is next in line in order to woo the south west to vote for Buhari for second term to achieve their selfish and ulterior motives.

Also, It is important to opine at this point that Yoruba will not invoke their mystical power to turn black to white without a well defined purpose. There must be an ulterior motive or hidden agenda for the likes of Bola Ahmed Tinubu to blind their eyes to the obvious that a Mohammed Buhari is a bad product that is too difficult to salvage for another four years; and to ruthlessly throw their supports behind a senile as president in this 21st century is unthinkable.

This is absurd and very sickening but it is just the prevailing scenario that is presently playing out.

The question is that, what is the real interest of Jagabond and his acolytes in the seemingly frail and weak Buhari presidency as demonstrated in the live interview aired by a state owned media house; NTA??? Is it not crystal clear that dementia disease associated with old age has really set in and PMB at this time needs to quit the stage and attends to his personal medical needs???

Hmnnmmm, I have no doubt in my mind that President Mohammed Buhari can honorably engraved his names with gold in the annals of our history if he can leave the stage for a better hands.

Yes, PMB can be the Nelson Mandela of our time if only he can jettison the advice of the so called cabal as previously opined by his beautiful wife and save this country from pending leadership vacuum and crisis that is looming. It is always good to quit the stage when the ovation is the loudest. Hmmmmmm.

However, for the mystical and abracadabra powers of some of my kinsmen anchored by Bola Ahmed Tinubu to turn black to white, PMB must stay put in power for their selfish ambitions.

Furthermore, It is really sad and unfortunate that many of my kinsmen including educated elites do not see beyond the nose that placating the support for PMB second term bid as Yoruba agenda to produce the next president is a dangerous political fallacy honed with Tinubu quest for Federal military might to protect and consolidate his already gripped of Lagos State resources and further his conquest of the whole of Yoruba nation.

In the final analysis, in line with the so called Yoruba agenda anchored by the likes of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Babatunde Fasola and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, a half dead Buhari regardless of the great consequences on the lives of the masses must rule beyond 2019.

Hmmmmm, time will tell if this mystical and abracadabra powers of turning evil to good anchored by BAT and his likes will work beyond February 16, 2019.

I rest my case.

David Adenekan wrote from Chicago, Illinois.

This was written on January 20, 2019


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