Coronavirus And The Emergence Of A New Social Order

By David Adenekan

As the whole world continue to live in panic and fear of the wild spread of a pandemic disease called coronavirus, a new social order that will caution and restrain the behavioral patterns of half of the world population has emerged. What a fairytale in less than a year ago!!!

Also, who could have imagined that the social cultural behaviors of half of the world population could suddenly change within a span of five months. Yes, we now live in a new world social order that the exigency of time has without options imposed on us. It is either we abide by it or we through our non chalant attitudes allow this deadly disease to slowly and steadily wipe out half of the world’s population.

Is Italy (the headquarter of Roman Catholics) and some of the western European countries not thriving in prostitution, human trafficking, sexual perversion and moral decadence before now??? Alas, where are the many prostitutes parading the streets of Italy or all the many motels in today’s new social order??? Is this invisible virus not the invisible hands of a righteous God as professed by some religious leaders???

However, whether we like it or not, Italy that was hitherto the sixth world largest economy is now at the bottomless pit of the world economy; and also a deserted country in the face of this pandemic disease called coronavirus. What a dramatic and tragic change in the face of obvious reality of this natural occurrence!!!

Furthermore, what will be the strategic positions of the so called super powers in the face of this new social order, that is being super imposed on the world by the inevitable and invisible hands of a pandemic disease as declared by World Health Organization called coronavirus???

Today, all the major cities in United States including but not limited to Los Angeles, New York City, Sanfransico, Chicago are locked down with nearly all the commercial activities grounded. The stock market nose diving to the extent that all the gains since the inception of President Donald Trump’s administration have been completely wipe out.

In addition, partying, clubbing, social gathering, tourism, hugging, kissing, handshaking are now considered deviant behaviors in this trying times. Social distancing is now the practice in many of our big cities.

Also, stay at home order for individuals whose jobs are not considered as essential services are now enforced in all the major big cities in United states; and not complying with this order may incur a fine or a jail term. Hmnnmmm, are we now living in a new social order when some of the things that used to be normal behaviors are now deviant behaviors???

The writer of this piece is a husband of a professional nurse in United States and the fear of coronavirus has suddenly change the setting of our home for fear of being infected. My wife now sleep separately from us anytime she comes back from work. We do not even get close to each other anymore in the house. I hope this social distancing will soon be a thing of the past for fear of many losing their strong affections for their love ones.

Yes, this is truly the emergence of a new social order that will for a long time redefine the behavioral patterns of many in the world.

Also, the writer of this piece is neither a protagonist nor a antagonist of President Donald Trump but I kind of agree with his line in this trying times when he posited that the outbreak of coronavirus started from China and to that extent, he declared it as “Chinese virus”.

Frankly speaking, how do we explain the barbarian behaviors of some of these Chinese in this 21st century??? Cannibalism and eating of raw or uncooked meat are still common practices in China. Many horrible graphical videos have laid credence to all of these facts.

Moreover, was it not true that the outbreak of coronavirus started and spread from WUHAN in China and for months the Chinese authority kept it secret from the world until it get out of hands???

Suffice to say that China may no longer be the beautiful bride for many developing countries and may also lose her strategic position in the global economy because of the world sentiment against some Chinese’s attitudinal behaviours.

Yes, to say the world is already seeing the negative effects on Chinese products all over the world is to say the least. China towns in many big cities in United States have been largely boycotted or deserted by Americans who could not stomach or stand the barbarians behaviors been perpetrates by some of these Chinese.

Also, many countries in the world including United States have recently closed their borders against the Chinese.

It is pertinent to note that, China in a fast dwindling fortune, her economy cannot thrive in isolation from the rest of the world.

In the final analysis, in the wake of this pandemic disease, other industrial countries like England, France, Spain, Japan, South Korea and Germany have temporarily joined the call for a new social order against normal attitudinal behaviors like partying, clubbing, social gathering, handshaking, hugging, kissing and a call to stay at home for all non essential workers to save the world from a deadly pandemic disease that has created another round of global economy recession within two decades.

Time will tell when all of these previous normal lifestyles will becomes normal again without a fear of being infected with a coronavirus disease, and also get our real world back.

It is well with all of our health workers all over the world who are putting their lives at high risk to save many lives from this pandemic disease.

David Adenekan wrote from Chicago, Illinois.


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