These Are Some Moving And Touching Pictures Of How Lives Have Been Distorted By Coronavirus All Over The World (glossy pics)

With over 380,000 confirmed cases around the globe, 35,224 of which reside in the US, the coronavirus outbreak is now in full swing.

As entire nations are on lockdown, staying strong may be easier said than done.

To show you just how responsible, conscious, and united we all can be, we compiled a list of ideas designed to fight the virus.

We bring to you these touching and moving pictures of how our lives have been distorted by Coronavirus

Nigeria police storms a church on Sunday, 22nd March, 2020 to chase out worshipers.

Supermarket In Denmark Came Up With A Brilliant Pricing Trick To Stop Hand Sanitizer Hoarding.

Restaurant took out furnitures to stop customers from sitting together.

Social distancing in a Danish store.

The President of Slovakia showing up in her hand-tailored, matching fabric surgical mask.

Hand Wash station for the homeless.

Using Toothpicks To Avoid Touching The Elevator Buttons.

The sight of two sisters, Florence 3 and Edith, 1, pressing their hands against the glass, as their great-grandparents in isolation did the same on their side, summed up our national plight in U.K. There will be some terrible images documenting this nightmarish era for the history books.

Baby Ollie Met His Grandparents For The First Time..

Granddaughter tells her grandfather in isolation that she’s engaged.

He comes everyday to see his Dad on lockdown and they talk through the Phone.

Deserted New York Time Square as over 170 million Americans stays indoor.

Grounded planes on runway in the U.S.

Social distancing at Marks and Spencer.


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