See Three Wealthy Slay Mamas That Once Rocked Social Scenes But Have Gone Oblivion (pics)


Well before the present harvest of young ladies who dab the internet based life space, there was quite a long time ago, something alluded to as the Lagos Social Establishment. It was an expression instituted to portray the bubbly and social nature of Lagos with its orderly normal occasions, to praise anything from the genuine to the everyday, just as the individuals who compose and go to these high-octane parties who are generally, all very much associated and well off.

They were are still alluded to as individuals from the Lagos Social Establishment. What’s more, they administered the Lagos social scene in the days when there was no online life and when being alluded to as a socialite was a serious deal. Individuals from this foundation who are of the two sexual orientations are typically drawn from the business, political, proficient, diversion circles and so forth. They are generally alluded to as the patriarchs and female authorities of the foundation because of their age and the quantity of years they have spent being a common decimal on the social scene. They have all done very well in their different undertakings, are for the most part exclusively up-to-date, excellent and attractive in their own specific manners with some figuring out how to stay applicable on the social scene up till date.

Be that as it may, we should focuse on some female individuals from this foundation, all of who make them thing in like manner – they all wedded rich men who have all passed on. Losing their spouses have not the slightest bit reduced the substance of what their identity is, despite the fact that they have all decided to take a rearward sitting arrangement from the social scene. And keeping in mind that they may not, at this point be as dynamic as they used to be on the social scene, they are anyway still powers to deal with among young ladies who despite everything hold them in wonderment and long to gain proficiency with the ropes of being a socialite.

1. Lanre Ojora

At 70, Lanre Ojora who doesn’t look a day more seasoned than 50 has figured out how to stay as shocking as she was the point at which she initially met her late spouse, multi-tycoon Ajibade Ojora who was the more youthful sibling to Otunba Adekunle Ojora, board room master and father in-law to previous Senate President, Bukola Saraki. The grandma who despite everything likes to dress provocatively has resigned totally from the social scene and possibly surfaced quickly a year ago when she facilitated loved ones to the 25th commemoration thanksgiving and recognition of her late spouse who was an official at Mobil Oil Nigeria.

2. Abba Folawiyo

This stupendous woman of the Lagos Social Establishment was the absolute favorite generally Wahab Atanda Folawiyo, the Baba Adinni of Lagos, would be basically expressing the self-evident. Little miracle the late affluent representative wouldn’t fret pausing – he bidded his time till the correct second to make the Ghanaian/Nigerian conceived style fashioner and organizer of Labanella Designs, one of his spouses. She was at that point past 50 and despite the fact that it was her third marriage, Sisi Abba as she is affectionately called, appeared to find a sense of contentment with Alhaji Folawiyo.

Sadly, three years after her 60th birthday celebration which saw Baba Adinni pulling all the stops to commend her, he passed on. She was once cited as saying that she cries ordinary since she misses him regular. While his demise didn’t in any capacity influence the social journal of the prospective 78-year-old, she has anyway after some time, chop down significantly on her social appearances.

3. Opral Benson

The Iya Oge of Lagos, a titled gave on her by the late Oba of Lagos, Adeyinka Oyekan, was hitched to the late showy Minister of Information in the primary republic, Theophilus Benson whom she met while in the line of obligation in Liberia. They were hitched for a long time until his demise in 2008. Despite the fact that she wasn’t his lone spouse, the late pastor was without dancing around the issues, stricken by her everything through the length of their marriage.

Long after his passing, she would not remarry yet rather has kept on developing her various organizations, one of which is the Opral Benson Beauty Training Institute, while likewise staying aware of get-togethers as consistently as possible. At 85, the Consular for the Republic of Liberia appears to have completely eased back down on the internet based life circuit.

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