Man Cries As Fraudsters Sell Packaged Cassava Instead Of Iphone 7+. (pics & video)

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“Cunning man dies, cunning man buries am”, this is a common coinage in Nigeria and it applies to this story.

A man sets out to buy iphone 7+ that reportedly costs not less than N200,000 in the market. He went to Computer village, a popular market in Lagos where phones and laptops are sold. He reportedly bought his “Iphone” at N20,000 invariably falling into hands of fraudsters, later turned out to be packaged cassava food called Fufu .

Can you beat that?

The amazing thing is that people at the scene were blaming and calling him a thief for attempting to buy an Iphone 7+ for 20,000 naira. bBetween him and the seller who is the worst culprit?

Watch the video as the man wails uncontrollably

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