Married MFM Pastor Dupes A Mother Of N1.6m, Impregnates Victim’s Daughter (pic)


A duplicitous Pastor of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry (MFM) Ikot Ekpene, branch, Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Emmanuel Inenti has been cooling his heels in the prison since March, following his dubious antics that saw him criminally received the sum of N1.6M from a divorcee civil servant in the pretext of helping her to buy a land. Not only that, Pastor Inenti also succeeded in impregnating the first daughter of the woman, who just graduated, studying law in one of the country’s high institutions.

In what appears to be like jazz (black magic) by the thieving pastor against the woman, whom until the pastor came into their lives, had succeeded in keeping all her three children pure and still virgins, until the total stranger that claimed he was a man of God came in the picture and left them with sorrow, tears and regrets. Anyone who hears the sad predicament of the Divorcee is always left wondering how some stranger can gained access into one’s house and assumed so much control to the extent of causing such havoc to the poor woman, a totally very innocent daughter and an equally granddaughter, now more the victim! Pastor Emmanuel Inenti, who held from Okon, in Essien Udim LGA, Akwa Ibom state appear so harmless, until you hear the heartless havoc he caused this woman, her daughter and now a granddaughter.

The woman, whom for, maybe to sort for a man’s presence to her three daughters, whom their father had absconded from and went to settle down with another woman, had met Pastor Inenti at the MFM Church she started attending as a way of protest against the Deeper Life Bible Church she and her estranged husband used to belonged to for its inability and failure to safe her marriage. She took a liking of him and trust him at once, not knowing that he is the biblical proverbial wolf in sheep cloth. It was later that brother Inenti proved his real color and what he truly is. Pastor Inenti presented a false picture of himself being a bachelor to the woman, opening the flood of thought, as she started nursing the idea that it wouldn’t be a bad idea if she encouraged his closeness and interest in her first daughter, who was about rounding up her studies, “after all he is a man of God”, she thought.

According to the daughter, who want to remain anonymous for some reason, even before she became the victim, she had started noticing some randy and carnal cravings from Pastor Inenti toward her young body when her mother wasn’t around that should had returned them to their senses, but her mother looked the other way, and the pastor simply convinced her that some of God’s wills are better left in the secrets. He succeeded in manipulating the poor innocent girl to a point of no return completely, not until she awoke to the reality that she was already pregnant. Even in that situation, her mother still accepted it as an act of God, and counseled the poor girl to be mindful of her tongue against the man of God, who can released words that may be detrimental to her destiny and life, if she dare resist him. Her mother counseled her to be very respectful and submissive to the man of God.

The truth now is that Pastor Inenti was already married, his wife and four are base in Port-Harcourt, and the N1.6M is nowhere to be found.

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One thought on “Married MFM Pastor Dupes A Mother Of N1.6m, Impregnates Victim’s Daughter (pic)

  • June 13, 2020 at 3:33 am

    What ever a man sow that he will ripe, the pastor has left a generational course to his life and family, the Bible says let he that name the name of the Lord depart from iniquity, yet, his act at last shows his a wolf in chep clothes judgment will start in the church, especially men of God,wet for your duagther l pity her, l pray for favor upon you, it’s so sad.


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