Dr Anu Fella A Certified Plastic Surgeon Or A Quack, Her Victims & Why She’s Thriving (pics)

Med Contour specialist, Dr Anu Fella, in hiding as FCCPC commences ...
Med Contour under lock

Dr Anu Fella whose name is Anuoluwapo Olufunmilayo Adefuwa, also called Sisi Anu, is a medical doctor in her 30s that runs the Med Contour plastic surgery clinic in Lekki, but was temporary closed in Lagos over the death of a beauty queen.

Dr Anu

Investigations have found out that she is NOT a certified plastic surgeon nether is she certified for surgery and has allegedly caused bodily trauma and even death to his patients who visit her clinic for body enhancement surgeries.

There are reports that Dr Anu graduated from UNILAG/LUTH in 2016/2017 and didn’t even finish the compulsory one-year internship programme thereafter before she set up a private hospital where she illegally carry out cosmetic surgeries like liposuction and butt and breast enlargement surgeries.

According to a familiar source that knows her personally, she and Dr Anu graduated from LUTH in 2016/17 session and she wonders how Dr Anu has already become a plastic surgeon within 3 years after finishing school. She couldn’t have done housemanship, undergone residency for surgery which requires 3 years and another residency for plastic surgery. She didn’t even finish internship before she opened medcontour clinic”.

A death and injury so many

A family dragged Dr Anu last year for killing their sister. In 2016, she took to her heels after killing a Nigeria Beauty Queen in a failed fat transfer surgery for buttocks and hips enlargement. The Face of Democracy Transformation 2013 Winner Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam has died on February 3rd after a 31 days coma from December 30th when the surgical operation was proceeded.

Tragedy As Nigerian Beauty Queen Dies During Buttocks Enlargement ...

Her victims

There have been series of complaints regarding complications and injuries from her operations by her female clients.

Despite the closure of her clinic by federal government, she has returned to continue with her quack plastic surgeries. The latest victim is a Nigerian lady who identified herself simply as “Vick”, cried out in a viral video following the challenges she’s been facing after a breast surgery controversial Nigerian doctor, Dr Anu Fella allegedly performed on her.

Another victim is a Nigerian lady identified Omohtee, disclosed she has been battling waist pain and numbness after undergoing a hips reduction surgery in the facility owned by one Dr Anu Fella. In a video she shared online, she preached body positivity and also urged women who insist on undergoing plastic surgery to avoid Med Contour.

My offence is her waist is tiny - Nigeria-based plastic surgeon ...


Nigerian government must shun all forms of favoritism and arrest Dr Anu and be made to face music over her nefarious activities. It’s a crime to practice surgery when you’re not certified.

Why Dr Anu Tella is still thriving

1. Dr. Anu isn’t some random doctor who slams girls on a slab and starts hacking them with a cutlass

She has actually done a number of successful surgeries and she does them CHEAPLY compared to others, which explains why “girls still go there”.

2) Now to the issue of “certification” It’s true that Dr. Anu isn’t a board certified plastic surgeon but she is within rights to do those surgeries. You must not be a board certified plastic surgeon to do cosmetic surgery, all you need is to be a licensed medical doctor.

Which is why the onus lies on the potential patient to research about their surgeon very well so as to make an informed choice.

3) These botched cases and casualties always sign a consent form before procedures. So what are we saying?

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