Pregnant Woman Living Abroad Exposes & Disgraces Husband After She Finds out He Is Married In Nigeria (video)


A Nigerian woman living abroad went Live on Facebook to shame her man over there after she found out he is married and has a family in Nigeria which kept it secret all the while.

The woman went LIVE on her Facebook page, Osemwengie Rejoice, where she is popularly known as Young Mummy, showing the man who was begging and trying to get into her house while shaming him of deceiving her not knowing he is married back in Nigeria.

She told her followers that he lied to her that he loves her because he wanted papers as she is a citizen in the country, then he impregnated her and they moved in together.

According to her, the man became abusive after they moved in together, beating her in her own house, adding that the only reason he hasn’t beaten her up as she recorded the video was because she wentLive on Facebook.

She could be heard saying;

“If I dey talk to me sister, he go bring quarrel come, if I dey talk to my producer, he go bring quarrel come. If I dey talk to my people, he’ll say ‘I go dagger you’.

She was furious because before they had started dating, she asked if he had a child but he denied it and kept his Nigerian family away from her.

She could be heard saying he should leave her house while he begged her for forgiveness. She threatened to call the Police of he dared go into the house.

Watch the video below.

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