Defiant Acting Factional Chairman Of APC, Giadom Unsettles Oshiomhole Camp, Fixes NEC Meeting To Thursday 25th (details inside & letter of notification)

The factional Acting National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Victor Giadom has carried on with activities in that capacity despite serious opposition coming his way.

After the Court of Appeal upheld the suspension of the National Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the party appointed the Deputy National Chairman (South) Ajimobi Abiola to act on behalf of Oshiomhole. But Giadom declared himself the authentic Acting National Chairman of the party citing court order as his reason. Although, Ajimobi could not immediately resume due to health reasons. Consequently, the APC appointed the party’s National Vice Chairman (South South) Hilliard Eta to act in Ajimobi’s place.

Eta has the backing of Oshiomhole’s camp and the National Working Committee (NWC) of the APC. Oshiomhole’s camp also enjoys the backing of the APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. However, Giadom had continued to act as the National Chairman despite opposition from Oshiomhole’s camp and loyalists in the NWC. Giadom has the backing of some NWC members and some present and past APC Governors. With the support of his backers and loyalists, Giadom does not give a hoot about the opposition from Oshiomhole’s camp and loyalists. This has made the crisis facing the APC worse as the two camps have been working at cross purpose.

Just yesterday, Giadom took a very big decision that rattled the Oshiomhole’s camp and NWC. What did Gidom actually do?

Giadom fixed a date for the APC National Executive Council (NEC) meeting which Oshiomhole did not actually organize all along despite calls to do so. Although, a date was fixed earlier, but the NEC meeting did not actually hold. Giadom scheduled the NEC meeting to hold on Thursday, June 25th, 2020. This seems interesting because the NEC meeting initially seemed like a no go area despite calls to organize it.

Govs Meet Buhari over APC Crisis - THISDAYLIVE

In fact, Giadom unsettled Oshiomhole’s camp and suggested he could win the leadership battle when he said that the reconvened NEC meeting he fixed has the consent of President Muahammadu Buhari. 

If Buhari truly gave Giadom his consent to convene the NEC meeting, then it suggests that Giadom may actually win the leadership struggle. It also mean that Buhari and his loyalists who are NEC members will be at the meeting which Giadom will preside.

What do you think?

If that happens, it would mean that Buhari and his numerous loyalists have recognized Giadom as the authentic Acting National Chairman of the APC. This unsettles Eta and other members of Oshiomhole’s camp who have refused to recognize Giadom and have been opposing him.

APC Crisis: Giadom is an impostor, we're in charge - Hilliard Eta

In fact, even after the announcement of the NEC was made by Giadom, Eta dismissed the Giadom-summoned NEC meeting as unconstitutional. When he spoke to the press on the issue, Eta went on to add that Giadom lacked the authority to convene the meeting.

Recall that Eta and his camp have made it clear that Giadom should be disregarded as he was no longer a member of the NWC and even APC following his replacement with Worgu Boms and his subsequent suspension by the APC in his home state of Rivers.

APC NWC Swears In Worgu Boms To Replace Giadom As Deputy National ...

Meanwhile, it appears that the decision of Giadom to convene the NEC may win supporters for him. This is because many APC members and leaders have been clamouring for the party’s NEC meeting. Eta himself had admitted that the NEC meeting was at the root of the crisis rocking the APC. He went on to say that he would work with his colleagues in the NWC to find a way t resolve the crisis.

APC Crisis: Hilliard Eta Takes Over As Party's Acting National ...

However, he did not make any announcement about plans to organize the NEC so far. Many may think that Eta who is Oshiomhole’s loyalists would not organize the NEC after all. Since Oshiomhole would not want that to happen in his absence. In fact, Oshiomhole did not even organize the NEC meeting when he was in charge. Many suggest that he kept avoiding the NEC meeting for some reasons best known to him and his camp.

In fact, the protesters who stormed the APC secretariat on Monday demanded the dissolution of the current NWC of the party. The protesters also demanded that the NEC meeting of the party should be organized to help resolve the crisis bedeviling the party. Okpokwu Ogenyi, one of the group’s leaders while speaking to the press gave a 48-hour ultimatum to the party leaders to resolve the crisis or witness more of such protests across the country. Could it be that Giadom is acting in line with popular demand of the party members? If that is so, it means that Giadom would get massive support from APC members across the country for heeding their demand. It means he could as well win this leadership tussle especially if it is true that he has Buhari’s consent to organize the NEC meeting.

Protesters who stormed the entrance of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC)

Recall that Buhari had a closed-door meeting with Governors elected on the platform of the APC last Monday. It is believed that the meeting was to discuss ways of resolving the crisis facing the party.

Again, Buhari meets leadership of APC Governors to discus crisis ...

The Chairman of the Progressives Governors Forum (PGF) and Governor of Kebbi State, Atiku Bagudu, Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong and Governor of Jigawa State, Abubakar Badaru were those who met and discussed with Buhari. After the meeting, Bagudu told the press that Buhari listened to them and promised to wade in with a view to resolving the crisis amicably.

Again, Buhari meets leadership of APC Governors to discus crisis ...

People are eager for Thursday (tomorrow) to come. Will the NEC convened by Giadom take place? Will Buhari and his loyalists which will include some APC leaders be at the meeting? Will Giadom preside the NEC meeting as the Acting National Chairman of the APC? If all these work out, then what happens after the NEC meeting?

These and many more are some of the questions running on the minds of many APC members and other interested Nigerians. All these questions will find answer after tomorrow depending on how events unfold.

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