Pastor’s Wife Mistakenly Sends Short Nude Video Of Herself To Church’s Whatsapp Group (adult pics & video)


A Ghanaians pastor’s wife has reportedly shared a short nude video of herself by mistake on one of her church’s whatsapp groups, causing quite a stir in the community.

Viral video: Ghanaian pastor's wife accidentally shares x-rated ...

The pastor’s wife who’s only been referred to as Maame Osofo, controversially shared a short nude video of herself bathing on a church Whatsapp group.

Local media submitted that Maame might have intended to send the sensitive clip to her husband as opposed to church members.

The footage, though a short one reportedly showed her washing her body while also playing with her genitals.

In two separate videos, 58 and 31 seconds respectively, she is seen facing the camera, kneeling, wiggling her waist and fondling herself concurrently.

Many reports disclosed that she engaged in the activity while her baby cried in the background. This did not hinder the woman who appeared to be in her thirties from continuing in her pastime

That was after she was earlier captured in a bath showcasing her thighs among others while capturing what she was doing.

Interestingly, a child believed to be hers is heard crying in the background but the lady who appeared to be enjoying herself turned deaf ears to the child.

Many people saw the videos that were sent to them by the wife of their pastor on WhatsApp.

Wife of popular Ghanaian pastor accidentally sends her nude s.ex ...

According to church members in Ghana, Osofo Maame shared two videos of herself with her private parts exposed.

The pastor soon learned that his wife wanted to send the teasing videos to him but she accidentally hit the wrong contact and shared it with everyone on the church’s WhatsApp group.

The video then went viral, leaving the pastor and his wife even more humiliated.

The pastor’s wife, who is in her 30’s, reportedly tried to commit suicide after the incident.

see the video below:

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